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We need open architectures that continuously change and evolve to accommodate new components and meet new requirements. More and more software must operate on different platforms, without recompilation and with minimal assumptions about its operating systems and users. It must be robust, autonomous and proactive. These circumstances motivated the development of Agent Oriented Programming. The objective of Agent Oriented (AO) Technology is to build systems applicable to real world that can observe and act on changes in the environment. Such systems must be able to behave rationally and autonomously in completion of their designated tasks. AO technology is an approach for building complex real time distributed applications. This technology is built on belief that a computer system must be designed to exhibit rational goal directed behavior similar to that of a human being. AO technology achieves this by building entities called agents which are purposeful reactive and communication based and sometimes team oriented. There are different programming methods. Object Oriented Programming is the successor of Structured programming. Agent oriented programming can be seen as an improvement and extension of object oriented programming. Since the word ?Programming? is attached it means that both concepts are close to the programming language and implementation level. The term ?Agent-Oriented Programming? was introduced by Shoham. So this AOP is a fairly new programming paradigm that supports societal view of computation. In AOP objects known as agents interact to achieve individual goals. Agents can be autonomous entities, deciding their next step without the interference of a user, or they can be controllable, serving as mediatory between user and another agent. In AOP programming is performed at abstract level. Agent-Oriented Software Engineering is being described as a new paradigm for the research field of Software Engineering. But in order to become a new paradigm for the software industry, robust and easy-to-use methodologies and tools have to be developed. The term AOP was suggested by Shoham.
Software Engineering is the one of the most recent contributions to the
field of Software Engineering. It has several benefits compared to
existing development approaches, in particular the ability to let
agents represent high-level abstractions of active entities in a
software system. This paper gives an overview of recent research and
industrial applications of both general high-level methodologies and on
more specific design methodologies for industry-strength software

We know that people/systems depend on other people/systems to accomplish tasks or goals, people/systems make commitments to provide a task or meet a goal people/systems have strategies to ensure their goals are accomplished. Agent-oriented approaches model people and systems as agents.

oriented programming is an emerging programming paradigm with roots in
the domain of artificial intelligence. This paradigm is often described
to as the natural successor to object oriented paradigm. Highly
suited to applications which are embedded in complex dynamic
environments, it is based on human concepts such as belief, goals and
plans. This allows a natural specification of
sophisticated software systems in terms that are similar to human
understanding, allowing programmers to concentrate on the critical
properties of the application rather than getting absorbed in the
intricacies of complicated environment.
to get more information and full report of AGENT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING (AO) please view the page

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