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Android Notification System for detection and notification of terrorist activities

Android Notification System for detection and notification of terrorist activities

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In this project, we are designing a push notification system between a server and android smartphone using google’s , cloud to device messaging service (C2DM).This is our proposed framework and to test its usability we examine it on a real life problem of terrorism.
Using the above mentioned notification framework, push alerts are being generated on the registered android devices in the terrorist prone region. The device on receiving the alert can send the image of possible suspect in his/her vicinity. The image can be further scrutinized and appropriate action can be taken by the Crime Branch. The application also provides a messaging option and IMEI tracing which helps the bureau experts to keep track of the situation near the concerned volunteer. Thus this system will be helpful in controlling the terrorist activities.

There are some genuine motivational factors that lead to work on this particular project and they are as follows :-
Motivation for android and c2dm service -:
1) Growth in technology i.e., with time technology is getting even better and the size of device containing it is getting reduced like smartphones, pda’s etc.
2) Market boom of mobile apps and smartphones in the near future.
3) Google’s Android apps and phones emerging as one of the most powerful and efficient body in the smartphone market with lots of career and scope in the future.
4) C2DM is a framework or service provided by google for android phones to connect to the cloud which is very new and has promising features.
5) Lastly, An efficient and technically acceptable solution to a current problem -:
Problem - Most mobile apps require data from the Internet. One approach for updating its data is that the apps periodically polls a server for new data (Polling). If no new data is available this approach uses unnecessary network bandwidth and highly consumes the battery of the mobile phone.
Solution- An alternative approach is that the server contacts the mobile app once new data is available (Push). If the data does not change constantly, push is the preferred solution. C2DM provides this feature to meet up the problem with accessing data globally.
Motivation for the terrorist based application-:
Today, the terrorism is at its peak specially in India. So why not use the developing technologies to develop something which could be useful in detecting the terrorist activities or to alert a region where there can be possible attacks. Android is a quite popular smartphone nowadays and on top of that the notification framework which is the 1st part of the project can be very much implemented as an alert system.
This was the real motivational factor that why not make an android application using this notification framework for alerting and the application features to communicate useful information helping in dealing with terrorist activities to some extent.

Problem Definition

A notification system is to be made using the google’s c2dm service on the android phone which can send push notifications from an control server to the android device and the device can push messages back to the server.
Proposed scenario:-
Based on the proposed notification framework, we are designing an application which can be used by an intelligence department or spying agencies, these anti-terrorist bodies have agents spread all over India in different regions and we provide each one to carry an android device registered on c2dm and our application on it.
The expert system in the intelligence bureau acts as a application or third-party server, while the member of the squad recruited at different terror prone region will have the device. Now on the expert system in the bureau all the details of the agents are fed along with the IMEI number of the device and his residing address.
Now on the basis of information analysis this expert system would trigger alert messages to all the registered device which are present in that particular terror prone region.
Thus the volunteer will get the idea of any possible threat in the vicinity and will react accordingly in helping the crime branch by passing some information , be it image , video or any sound clip. Suppose, he encounters a person who according to him is suspected then he/she may capture a photo of that person and send it to the bureau server where the past record of the person may be matched to come to any conclusion. Any danger can be informed with proper data in time through this system.
Lastly, the bureau server can analyse the data or images received and decide the further steps and strategies accordingly. Thus this alert and image or any data interacting facility in a mere handset can be of great use in dealing with emergency and critical situations.
Mobile phones have become an unreachable part of the daily lives of humans, which has created a huge wireless network around the world. Android has brought great attention in the era of the mobile operating system due to its features like Open Source, free of cost, customizable and a large number of applications. Cloud messaging to Android device (C2DM) is a project for androids; provides a service that helps in sending data from servers to your Android devices and vice versa. This document presents a framework that uses the C2DM server to identify suspicious persons or terrorist objects and activities. Whenever any suspicious activity is logged by any registered device, it sends the data or the alert to the crime branch through the C2DM server and an alert can be generated to the Police and people present in the nearby area.

In recent times there have been terrorist groups, terrorist activities and terrorist attacks in all corners of the world. Detection of a suspicious person or suspicious activity can save the no. of catastrophic events. In a country with a large population, surveillance of suspicious activity becomes a very difficult task for the police or the authorities of the crime branch. With the advancement of technology responsible citizens may also be involved in the detection of such threats and for widespread communication of messages. To use it for a real problem of terrorism, you can generate push alerts on Android devices registered in the region prone to terrorists. The citizen upon receiving the alert can send the image of possible suspect if he is in the neighbourhood. The image can be further examined and appropriate action can be taken by the branch of crime. The application also provides a messaging and IMEI tracking option that helps office experts to track the situation near the informant in question. Therefore, this system will be useful to control terrorist activities and reduce the threat to life in critical scenarios.

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