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.doc   ARCHITECTURE AND PSYCHOLOGY report.doc (Size: 42.5 KB / Downloads: 105)

Architectural psychology is not merely about the physical characteristics and features of buildings, it is about perception and ‘architecture in use’.
It means the way user interacts with space, how he uses different aspects and ’makes sense of’ or ‘feels’ in an environment.

In respect with architecture, psychology can be broadly divided into 3 parts:-


• Proposed to be built for world expo 2010
• The concept of the form of the building is to represent the unity of two objects into one.
• The concept was derived from the Chinese word“Ren” which means people and the shape of the building is Chinese character for people


• The architect saw a compact and clean concept, a volume occurring with the same purity from any perspective and for times of deep religious expression.
• The gallery is located in semi-darkness to prepare the faithful to show religious order in the contrast of light and the external effects.

• The concept for the cybertecture egg was inspired by looking at the world in terms of the planet, being a self sustaining vessel with an ecosystem that allows life to exist, grow and evolve.
• The concept of shape of the building is to reflect “architecture as a natural but inanimate object” has been designed as a poultry-inspired office building.

The degree of concentration & stability of a form.
Depends on :
◦ Geometry
◦ Orientation relative to the ground plane
◦ Pull of gravity
◦ Our line of sight
◦ EXAMPLES : The Bata Factory, Gurgaon

OPTICAL CORRECTIONS IN GREEK ARCHITECTURE – a striking example of playing with psychology and perception: Three sketches of the Parthenon labeled a, b, c where a represents the front of a temple as it should appear; b represents its appearance (exaggerated) if it were actually built like a without compensations for optical illusions; c represents it as built and showing the physical corrections (exaggerated) in order that it may appear to the eye as a does.

COLOUR - meaning and symbolism
BLUE- calming, sedate, cooling.
RED- increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy.
GREEN- soothing, relaxing, self control.
YELLOW- optimism, happiness, and energy.
ORANGE- warmth, hunger, fun.
WHITE- purity, cleanliness, and neutrality.

MODULATING THE SPACE: the light colour of an alcôve is made softer and luminous by indirectly lit from above. This adds a dimension of airy spaciousness to this cosy little seating area.
FOCUSING ATTENTION: the red and yellow accent colours of a display cabinet help in weaving together the collection of objects.
HIGHLIGHTING SPACES: the lighter value of gold in the room beyond dominates while the darker gold value in the foreground recedes. this colour effect focus attention on the room beyond and makes it inviting.


• Visibility of vertical and horizontal junctions aids orientation
• People follow the brightest path
• Brightness can focus attention
• Facing wall luminance is a preference
• Lighting can affect body position

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