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Biometrics Security System Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation

B. E. 4TH YR., I. T.

.pptx   SECURITY SYSTEM USING BIOMETRICS.pptx (Size: 819.58 KB / Downloads: 78)

What is Biometrics?[/b]
The term is derived from the Greek words bio (= life) and metric (= to measure).
Measure individual's unique physical or behavioral characteristics to recognize or authenticate their identity.

Biometric Classification
Physiological - related to the shape of the body. Examples include face recognition, hand or palm geometry, iris scan, etc.
Behavioral - related to the behavior of the person. Examples include keystroke dynamics, mouse dynamics, signature recognition, etc.

Working Principle
Verification & Identification
Verification - Authenticates its users in conjunction with a smart card, username or ID number. It is referred to as 1:1 matching.
Identification - Authenticates its users from the biometric characteristic alone without the use of smart cards, usernames or ID numbers. It is referred to as 1:N matching.
Biometric Technologies
Facial Recognition
Fingerprint Recognition
Hand Geometry
Iris Recognition
Retina Recognition
Signature Recognition
Speaker Recognition
Facial Recognition
Analyses facial characteristics.
Requires camera like CCTV or surveillance to develop a facial image of the person for authentication.
Used for surveillance purposes to locate wanted criminals, suspected terrorists or other individuals.

Fingerprint Recognition
Analyses the patterns on fingertip called Fingerprint.
Used in forensic divisions worldwide for criminal investigations.
Fingerprint comprised of Ridges, Valley, delta, core, Bifurcation, etc.

Hand Geometry
Analyses and Measure the shape of hand.
Finger length, width, thickness, curvatures and their relative location are scanned.
Scanners consist of charge coupled camera & infrared LEDs with mirrors and reflectors.
Iris Recognition
Analyses the colored ring surrounding the pupil of the eye.
Iris have approx. 266 distinctive characteristics.
Recognition system describes iris pattern by IrisCodes.
To perform the recognition, two IrisCodes are compared.
Retina Recognition
Analyses the patterns of blood vessels in retina of the eye.
Retina can be affected by some diseases like Glaucoma, Diabetes, etc.
Image capturing of retina is much difficult than other technologies.
Signature Recognition
Analyses the way user signs his name.
Signing features such as speed, velocity, stroke count, pressure, etc are analyzed.
Verification classified forgery images as Random, Simple and Skilled.
Speaker Recognition
Analyses the voice of user & convert it into text.
Divided into Text-dependent & Text-independent.

Performance of Biometrics
False Match Rate (FMR) - measures the percent of invalid matches.
False Non-match Rate (FNMR) - measures the percent of valid inputs being rejected.
Failure To Enroll Rate (FTER) - measures the probability that a person will be unable to enroll.

Biometric Data can be used in unauthorized ways without the individual's consent.
Danger to the owner of secured items which is secured with biometric device.
Genuine owner lose his/her identity if his /her biometric data is compromised from database by unauthorized user.

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Purushottam kumar

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Biometrics is a means of using parts of the human body as a kind of perma¬nent password. Just like our fingerprints are unlike those of any other person, your eyes, ears, hands, voice, and face are also unique. Technology has advanced to the point where computer systems can record and recognize the patterns, hand shapes, ear lobe contours, and a host of other physical characteristics. Using bio¬metrics, devices can be enabled with the ability to in¬stantly verify identity and deny ac¬cess to everybody else.
Using biometrics for identifying and au¬thenticating human beings offers unique advantages over traditional methods. To¬kens, such as smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, and physical keys can be lost, sto¬len, or duplicated. Passwords can be for¬gotten, shared, or unintentionally observed by someone. Forgotten passwords and lost smart cards are a problem for users. In biometrics the concerned person himself is the password, as bio¬metrics authentication is based on the identification of an intrinsic part of a hu¬man being.
The biometrics technique can be inte¬grated into applications that require secu¬rity, access control, and identification or verification of users. Biometrically secured resources effectively eliminate risks, while at the same time offering a high level of security and convenience to both the us¬ers and the administrators.
Biometric systems automatically verify or recognize the identity of a living per¬son based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Physiological characteristics pertain to visible parts of the human body. These include fingerprint, retina, palm geometry, iris, facial structure, etc. Behavioral characteristics are based on what a person does. These include voice prints, signatures, typing patterns, key-stroke pattern, gait, and so on. A variety of factors, such as mood, stress, fatigue, and how long ago you woke up, can affect behavioral characteristics.
Fingerprints were first used to identify individuals in ancient China. The first commercial use of biometrics was in the 1960's and 1970's. In the late 1960's FBI developed a system for automatically checking /comparing and verifying fingerprints. In early 1970's FBI installed automatic fingerprinting scanning systems .During the late 1970's Idnetiymat installed the first biometrics physical access control systems in top secret US Government sites. The system was based on Hand Geometry. During late 1970s development of voice recognition systems began and in the . 1980's Biometrics systems using Iris scan and that with face recognition system developed.
A generic biometric model consists of five subsystems, namely, data collection,transmission, signal processing, decision making and data storage. Data collection involves user of sensors to detect and measure an individual’s physiological or behavioral characteristics.
Biometric model
Finger print recognition
Among all the Biometric techniques, fingerprint based identification is the oldest method which has been successfully used in numerous applications. Every person’s fingerprint is unique and is a feature that stays with the person throughout his/her life. This makes the fingerprint the most reliable kind of personal identification because it cannot be forgotten, misplaced, or stolen. Fingerprint authorization is potentially the most affordable and convenient method of verifying a person's identity. This fact has been utilized for restricting the access to individuals in high security areas.
The Basics of Fingerprint identification
The skin on the inside surfaces of our hands, fingers, feet, and toes is “ridged” or covered with concentric raised patterns. These ridges are called friction ridges and they serve the useful function of making it easier to grasp and hold onto objects and surfaces without slippage. It is the many differences in the way friction ridges are patterned, broken, and forked which make ridged skin areas, including fingerprints, unique.
Global Versus Local Features
We make use of two types of fingerprint characteristics for use in identification of individuals: Global Features and Local Features. Global Features are those characteristics that you can see with the naked eye. Global Features include:
• Basic Ridge Patterns
• Pattern Area
• Core Area
• Delta
• Type Lines
• Ridge Count
The Local Features are also known as Minutia Points. They are the tiny, unique characteristics of fingerprint ridges that are used for positive identification. It is possible for two or more individuals to have identical global features but still have different and unique fingerprints because they have local features - minutia points - that are different from those of others.
Fingerprint Scanning
Fingerprint scanning is the acquisition and recognition of a person’s fingerprint characteristics for identification purposes. This allows the recognition of a person through quantifiable physiological characteristics that verify the identity of an individual.
There are basically two different types of finger-scanning technology that make this possible. One is an optical method, which starts with a visual image of a finger. The other was a semiconductor-generated electric field to image a finger.
There are different ways to identify fingerprints. They include traditional police methods of matching minutiae, straight pattern matching, moiré fringe patterns and ultra sonic
To get more information about the topic " Biometrics Security System Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation
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To get full information or details of Biometrics Security System Full Download Seminar Report please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on Biometrics Security System Full Download Seminar Report please reply in that page and ask specific fields in Biometrics Security System Full Download Seminar Report
To get full information or details of Biometrics Security System please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on Biometrics Security System please reply in that page and ask specific fields in Biometrics Security System
To get full information or details of Biometrics Security System please have a look on the pages


if you again feel trouble on Biometrics Security System please reply in that page and ask specific fields in Biometrics Security System

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