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C++ ?
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.doc  C_PLUS_PLUS_TWO_MARKS_PART_I.doc (Size: 214.5 KB / Downloads: 69)
1. What is C++?
C++ is a general –purpose programming language with a bias towards system programming that - is a better C. - supports data abstraction - supports object-oriented programming
- supports generic programming.
2. Write the applications of C++?
* C++ is a versatile language for handling very large programs.
* C++ is suitable for virtually any programming task including development of editors, compilers, databases, communication system and complex real-life application system. * C++ programs are easily maintainable and expandable.
3. Write the striking features of object oriented programming
1. Emphasis is one data rather than procedure.
2. Programs are divided into what are known as objects
3. Data structures are designed such that they characterize the objects.
4. Functions that operate on the data of an object are tied together in the data structure.
5. Data is hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions
6. Objects may communicate with each other through functions.
7. New data and functions can be easily added whenever necessary.
8. Follows bottom-up approach in program design.
4. What you mean by program paradigms?
Oject oriented programming is a technique for programming – a paradigm for writing “good” programs for a set of Problems. If the term “object-oriented programming language” means anything. It must mean a programming language that provides mechanisms that supports the object-oriented style of programming well.
5. What are the characteristics exhibited by procedure-oriented programming
1. Emphasis is on doing things (algorithms)
2. Most of the functions share global data.
3. Large programs are divided into smaller programs known as functions.
4. Data move openly around the system from function to function.
5. Functions transforms data from one form to another.
6. Employs top-down approach in program design.
6. What you mean by modular programming
A set of related procedures with the data they manipulate is often called a module. The programming paradigm becomes: Decide which module you want: partition the program so that data is hidden within modules. This paradigm is also known as the data hiding principle. Where there is no grouping of procedures with related date, the programming style suffices. Also , the technique for designing “good procedures” are now applied for each procedure in module. The most common example of module is the definition of stack.
7. What you mean by separate compilation?
C++ supports C’s notation of separate compilation. This can be used to organize a program into a set of semi-independent fragments. Typically , we place the declarations that specify the interface to a module in a file with a name indicating its intended use. Thus, namespace stack { void push(char); // interface char pop( ); } would be place in a file stack.h , and users will include that file, called a header file.
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Last updated Apr 8, 2011.On March 25th 2011 the C++ standards committee approved the Working Draft hitherto known as the Final Committee Draft (FCD), effectively promoting it to the next stage in t...

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