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Computer Science Seminar Report Downloads (A Big Bundle)
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Please download the attachment to see Computer Science Seminar Report Downloads (A Big Bundle)

.htm   Computer Science Seminar Report Download link bundle.htm (Size: 37.11 KB / Downloads: 5,153)

1. Web searching
2. Web Crawling
3. Real Time Systems
4. Network Computing Systems
5. Distributed Hash Tables.
6. Re-architecting & Internet Protocols.
7. Bluetooth
8. Storage Area Network
9. Distributed database.
10. Neural Computations.
11. Artificial Neural Network
12. Bioinformatics
13. Cluster Computing
14. DNA Computing in Security
15. Face Recognition
16. 4g Wireless Systems
17. Home Networking.
18. Zigbee
19. Stenography and Digital Watermarking.
20. Multimedia Broadcasting via satellite.
21. Surface Computer
22. Data Mining
23. Data Ware housing
24. Parallel Computing.
25. Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services
26. Holographic versatile disc.
27. Wireless Technology.
28. Bio-molecular Computers
29. Fuzzy Logic.
30. Genetic Algorithm.
31. Elliptical Curve Cryptography(ECC)
32. Blade Servers.
33. NAS
34. DELAY tolerant networks.
35. Java Ring
36. Tripwire
37. Virtual Surgery.
38. Wireless Application Protocol.
39. Internet Telephony.
40. Home Automation.
41. Printable Computers.
42. I mode
43. Hyper Transport Technology.
44. Rapid prototyping.
45. Management Information System.
46. Digital Visual Interface.
47. iSCSI-Future of network Storage.
48. Genetic Engineering.
49. Wireless markup Language.
50. ATM Virtual Connections.
51. Biometrics.
52. Voice over Internet Protocol.
53. MEMs in space.
54. SALT ( Speech Application Language Tags)
55. Voice Portals.
56. Real Time Operating System.
58. Benefits of Parallel and Distributed Computing
59. Soft Computing.
60. Data Compression with Huffman Algorithms.
61. Human Verses Neural Network.
62. E-Commerce.
63. E-Governance.
64. Sensor Network
65. Enterprise Resource Planning.
66. Network Security and its Principles.
67. Cryptography Application.
68. Impact of Information Technology on India
69. Importance of e-commerce.
70. Impact of Computers on Business
71. Embedded System
72. GIS
73. GPRS.
74. Adhoc Network
75. VOWIFI: vowifi is used to reference a Wi-Fi-based VoIP service
76. VOICE MORPHING : The method of transforming the source speakerâ„¢s speech to that of the target speaker is usually referred as voice morphing or voice transformation or voice conversion
77. ROBOCODE: Robocode is an open source educational game by Mathew nelson (originally r was provided by IBM). it is designed to help people learn to program in java and enjoy the experience
78. JAVA CRYPTOGRAPHY ARCHITECTURE (JCA) : The java cryptography architecture (JCA) is a framework for working with cryptography using the java programming language
79. ZOMBIE: In the world of UNIX, a zombie refers to a 'child' program that was started by a 'parent' program but then abandoned by the parent. Zombie is also used to describe a computer that has been implanted with a daemon that puts it under the control of a malicious hacker without the knowledge of the computer owner.
80. WISENET: It is a wireless sensor network that monitors the environmental conditions such as light, temperature, and humidity. This network is comprised of nodes called motes that form an ad-hoc network to transmit this data to a computer that function as a server.
81. WOLFPACK: Officially known as Microsoft cluster server (MSCS), it was released in September, 1997 as part of Windows NT 4.0, enterprise edition. wolf pack is the codename used for Microsoftâ„¢s clustering solution
82. COOPERATIVE LINUX : Employing the novel idea of a co-operative virtual machine(CVM) co-operative Linux or colinx can support the kernel of both the Microsoft windows and the Linux, to run parallel on the same machine
83. TRANS EUROPEAN SERVICES FOR TELEMATICS BETWEEN ADMINISTRATIONS (TESTA) : The trans European services for telematics between administrations (TESTA) system is the private ip-based network of the European community. TESTA is a telecommunications interconnection platform for secure information exchange between the European public administrations
84. MOIP : Mobile communications over internet protocol is designed to be totally mobile-centric, and is optimized specifically for mobile-handsets environment rather than the pc
85. HOLOGRAPHIC VERSATILE DISC (HVD) : It's an optical disc technology still in the childhood stages of research called as the collinear holography, would soon gain upper hand over the existing technologies like the blue-ray and hd DVD optical disc systems with respect to its storage capacity
86. CYBORGS: Topic regarding the artificial living parts.
87. AKA: AKA stands for the authentication and key agreement security protocol. it is a mechanism which performs authentication and session key distribution in universal mobile telecommunications system (umts) networks
89. CRYPTOGRAPHIC AUTHENTICATION: Cryptographic authentication schemes and protocols have been developed to provide authenticated key agreement to prevent man-in-the-middle and related attacks.
91. PERVASIVE COMPUTING: Ubiquitous computing or pervasive computing is the result of computer technology advancing at exponential speeds -- a trend toward all man-made and some natural products having hardware and software. The main aim of pervasive computing, which combines current network technologies with wireless computing, voice recognition, internet capability and artificial intelligence, is to create an environment where the connectivity of devices is embedded in such a way that the connectivity is unobtrusive and always available.
92. STREAM COMPUTING: The main task is to pull in streams of data, process the data and stream it back out as a single flow and thereby analyzes multiple data streams from many sources live.
94. PIXIE DUST : pixie dust is the informal name that ibm is using for its antiferromagnetically-coupled (AFC) media technology, which can increase
the data capacity of hard drives to up to four times the density possible with current drives
95. CUCKOO EGG: The term and the concept of cuckoo egg is quiet strange. When you download copy protected songs, you may come across cuckoo egg yourself. In the first 30 seconds of the downloaded song you may hear something other than the initial song which could be the cuckoo clock sound effects or a series of random sounds and noises that are free of any copyright ownership. this happens for not buying the cd in the first place
96. OFDMA: orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) is a multiple access scheme for ofdm systems. it works by assigning a subset of subcarriers to individual users.
98. FULLSTREAM TECHNOLOGY: when transmitting video data some users on a slower internet connect may experience blocky views, artifacts and pixilation effects during playback. ati full stream technology detects the edges of these visible blocks and smoothes them over using a sophisticated hardware accelerated filtering method to improve the performance and visual quality of streaming video playback.
99. THE "JITTERS": jitter buffers (and jitter filters) in tech terminology refers to a hardware device or software process that eliminates jitter caused by transmission delays in an internet telephony (VoIP) network.
100. THIN PROVISIONING: thin provisioning is most commonly used in centralized large storage systems such as sans and in storage virtualization environments where administrators plan for both current and future storage requirements and often over-purchase capacity, which can result in wasted storage, so in short it is used to describe the consolidation and automated process of allocating just 'the exact required amount' of server space at the time it is required.
101. CHOKE PACKET : It is used to describe a specialized packet that is used for flow control along a network
102. SIGNCRYPTION : Signcryption is a new paradigm in public key cryptography that simultaneously fulfils both the functions of digital signature and public key encryption in a logically single step, and with a cost significantly lower than that required by the traditional signature and encryption approach
103. BEWIP : The Microsoft active sync based address book present in bewip is based on the pocket outlook address book which makes the synchronization easier
104. THE DATAGRAM DELIVERY PROTOCOL (DDP) : Datagram delivery and routing service to higher layer protocols are the functions of ddp. ddp frame headers can use short format headers which carry only the source and destination service socket numbers, or the long format ddp headers also carry the source and destination network and node addresses needed for routing capability
105. LIN (LOCAL INTERCONNECT NETWORK): LIN is low cost serial holistic communication system concepts for local interconnect networks in vehicles which complements the existing portfolio of automotive multiplex networks
108. BLOB. : Blob is the abbreviation for binary large object, a collection of binary data stored as a single entity in a database management system.
109. WI-FI5 : wireless lan products based on the ieee 802.11a specification that operates in the 5ghz radio frequency band were referred to as wi-fi5, a term created by the wi-fi alliance
110. ANISOTROPIC FILTERING: AF, is a technique in 3d graphics to improve image quality in computer video games
111. GOOGLEWHACK : The goal of a googlewhack is to perform search queries that will produce only one single search result in the Google search engine
113. LUCENT VISION: lucent vision is a real-time networked visual information system that archives sports action using visual processing.
114. AUTHENTICATION BASED ON IRIS RECOGNITION: iris recognition is related to scanning eyes and authenticating similar to finger print authentication. We scan the top layer of the eye that is iris and authenticate the person.
117. ELLIPTICAL CURVE CRYPTOGRAPHY (ECC) : this innovative technology can produce smaller, faster and efficient cryptographic keys using the break through technique of elliptic curve equation rather than employing the traditional method of producing the key as the product of very large prime numbers
118. 3D PC GLASSES: they do the job of influencing the brain to think that the monitor is showing a real three dimensional object.
119. NCURSES: Ncurses is a programming library providing an API, allowing the programmer to write text user interfaces in a terminal-independent manner. It also optimizes screen changes, in order to reduce the latency experienced when using remote shells
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