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Development of Electronic Nose for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer at Early Stage pdf

Development of Electronic Nose for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer at Early Stage

.pdf   Development of Electronic Nose.pdf (Size: 1.24 MB / Downloads: 30)


In this paper, we proposed a novel non-invasive
electronic nose for detection and diagnosis of lung
cancer based on an electronic nose instrument
which includes a gas extraction and capillary
column to concentrate, desorb and separate volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) in patients’ breath,
respectively. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) gas
sensors was used to detect chemical compounds.
The specific VOCs exhaled by lung cancer cells in the
microenvironment are proven the source biomarkers of
lung cancer. The clinical experimental results show
that this kind of novel electronic nose is effective
for recognition of lung cancer patents and healthy
persons and will be also possible non-invasive
method to diagnose of lung cancer at early stage.


Lung cancer is among the most deadly disease
in the world. Reports said that in the USA there
were almost 99,000 male patients and 78,000
female patients. Research also showed that there
were only 14% survived after five years therapy.
But if we can discover the cancer and treat it
promptly, the survival rate would increase to 48%.
So we try to develop an early detection method for
lung cancer.

Pathology analysis

A. Pathology study of VOCs in breath [7]

We collect samples of lung cancer patients in
Run Run Shaw hospital. Until now there are total
32 volunteers, including 10 healthy persons, 15
lung cancer patients and 7 chronic bronchitis
patients. All patients and healthy persons ate
nothing 2 hours before he or she breathes in bags.
The whole hospital is under constant temperature
and humidity. There are no flowers and plants in
the room, so the VOCs in breath bags would be
considered as original. The 15 patients are all
affected by various lung cancers, 5 of them are
waiting for surgical treatment, 6 of the rest received
chemical therapy. All of them are above 50 years
old except one who is 47.


In this paper, we proposed a novel electronic
nose of detection for lung cancer based on a virtual
SAW sensors array combined with imaging
recognition method. One SAW sensor is coated
with a PIB polymer and the other coated nothing for
reference. By using a developed interface of GC,
the 11 VOCs in lung cancer patients’ breath
separated through a capillary column can be
absorbed on the polymer, and detected by SAW
sensors. The novel electronic nose has some
advantages including high sensitivity, low cost and
easy to operate. By this e-nose we study the breath
from lung cancer patients, chronic bronchitis
patients and healthy persons for pathology analysis.
After that we select 4 lung cancer patients and 4
healthy persons for BP-ANN validation and get a
content result.
Lung cancer is one of the neoplasms that cause deaths around the world. Non-invasive diagnostic techniques are a challenge for the early detection of cancer before it progresses to its later stages. Currently available diagnostic methods are expensive or invasive, and are not suitable for general screening purposes. Early identification not only helps detect the primary cancer, but also treats its secondary; Which creates a need for evidence easily applicable to screen people at risk. A detailed review of the various screening methods, including the latest trend in breath analysis using gold nanoparticles, is being studied here to identify cancer in its early stages. VAS-based respiratory biomarkers are used to analyze patients' exhaled breath. These biomarkers are used by chemistsistors coated with gold nanoparticles, which are found to be the most suitable technique for the early detection of lung cancer. This technique is highly accurate and is relatively easy to operate and tested in smokers and non-smokers. This review also gives as a schematic of the manufacture and operation of the Na-Nose device. Chemistsistors coated with gold nanoparticles show great potential in being a non-invasive and cost-effective diagnostic technique for the early detection of lung cancer.

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