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Dyeing Of Normal & Cationic Dye Able Polyester

Dyeing Of Normal & Cationic Dye Able Polyester
Cationic Dyeable Polyester is a special polyester fiber that has undergone a change during polymerization. They were constructed of 5-sulfophthalic acid molecules, to generate anionic sites that do not have the normal PET fibers. By having anionic groups it can also be dyed with cationic dyes with high gloss results. However, these fibers may be tinted with dispersed dyes. Compared with ionic dyes, dispersed dyes have lower molecular extinction coefficients and less accumulation property, so these dyes can not give bright, deep colors. Such fibers also born to decrease Tg (glass transition temperature) of the polymer, 10 ◦ C under normal polyester fibers, so that a polymer structure and polymer structure was obtained open. Resulting in a higher diffusion rate of the dye in the fiber at a lower temperature. Tg Range (70-85 ° C). This modified polymer is also more easily hydrolyzed and more sensitive to the formation of heat before dyeing at a maximum temperature of 180 ° C.


drained and dyed exhausted process in overflow - Jet machine (proportion of liquor - 1:10 - 1:20):
Continuous cold wash for 10 min.
drainage well (for water soluble oils)

Fill with water 30 ° - 35 ° C
0.5 g / l Defoamer (preferably non-silicone) alone
1 g / l Non-ionic detergent
0.5 g / l Caustic soda 36 ° Bè
Raise to 80 ° C quickly and hold for 20-25 min
Drain well
cold wash for 10 min
and after starting in dyeing

Dyed with cationic dyes

Follow the chart below:
[Image: cationic+dyeable+polyester.bmp]

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