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ece projects topics list for final year ( New Ideas )

1. DTMF mobile phone controlled dam water gates controlling system with high-level protection
2. uC based Wireless Temperature Measurement
3. GPS based travel assistant for blind people
4. Image based password authentication for Illiterates with Touchscreen
5. (GPS+GSM+Microcontroller)
6. AC/DC/Stepper Motor Closed Loop Speed Control
7. Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system
8. Using this project the digital camera can be controlled remotely using RF Transmitter and Receiver The controls include taking picture snaps, switching on the flash light, changing camera direction using stepper motor etc
9. GPS Navigator/Logger (Microcontroller Board + Memory Card +PC Software)
10. Microcontroller based automatic liquid dispensing system Used in Tea/Coffee, Soft Drink vending machines
11. GSM Based Irrigation System
12. Microcontroller and Touchscreen based wireless library book catalog system
13. Password protected GSM based Device control
14. Note: Digital Camera also will be given to the students along with microcontroller hardware kit
15. PC Controlled Digital Devices
16. Using Unconstrained Tongue Motion as an Alternative Control Mechanism for Wheeled Mobility (IEEE )
17. PC Controlled Analog Devices
18. Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System (Microcontroller + Rain Sensor)
19. Touchscreen controlled motor speed and direction controlling system
20. The design was carried out through the use of two infrared sensors The sensors check blood density on the patient's fingertips in order to measure heart rate The raw data from the sensors is processed by microcontroller and the processed data is sent to LCD display
21. Using Magneto-Inductive Sensors to Detect Tongue Position in a Wireless Assistive Technology for People with Severe Disabilities (IEEE )
22. The purpose of this project is to get SMS alerts whenever the electrical power status changes to ON or OFF Use your mobile phone to switch on/off the water pump from any location in the world (GSM Modem + Microcontroller + Electromagnetic Relays)
23. Microcontroller based Generator/Alternator Control and Monitoring System
24. GPS based universal clock Gets the time from satellites and displays on GLCD
25. Telugu Tutor with dynamic text and Images identification for elementary school kids
26. Radio Frequency based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it
27. Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot Accelerometer is mems based -axis sensor that can sense the tilt in of the -diamentions The robot moment is controlled based on the tilt angle of the robot No need to press any buttons for robot control
28. Electrical Data (voltage, current, frequency etc) Logger (SCADA)
29. uC based Real Time Clock and Multiple Device control based on Time and Date
30. uC based MMC/SD Memory Card Interfaceing with FAT File System (Data Logger)
31. Digital Multimeter (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
32. Standalone GPS Coordinates(Latitude,Longitude) Locater (GPS+Microcontroller+LCD)
33. GPS & GSM Based Realtime Vehicle Tracking System
34. MEMS Accelerometer based digital photo frame with automatic position/view adjustment system (similar to digital cameras)
35. Wireless PC based multi-patient health monitoring system for Corporate Hospitals
36. GSM based digital Notice board with display on Monitor or LCD display
37. Triac and optically isolated diac based electrical oven temperature monitoring and controlling system with zero-crossing detector
38. Microcontroller and Triac based realtime temperature monitoring and control
39. Solar data logger into MMC/SD Memory Card
40. Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting
41. Timer based Electrical Oven temperature monitoring and control for Metal Industries
42. This system locates the Vehicle on the earth by the use of GPS and sends the co-ordinates (Longitude & Latitude), Time and Vehicle speed to the owner of the vehicle using GSM Modem
43. Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System
44. Voltage/Current/Frequency Reading with IR Remote
45. Speaking microcontroller for deaf and dumb
46. RF transceiver (Zigbee/X-Bee) based energy meter monitoring system (Energy Meter reading on PC over wireless comm)
47. DC Voltage and Current Meter With PC Display
48. Smartphone blutooth controlled Robot
49. Soil Moisture sensor based intelligent irrigation water pump controlling system with GSM technology
50. Digital Tachometer (Non-contact)
51. Real-time SCADA (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + PC Software)
52. The purpose of this project is to measure the temperature using LM sensor This temperature is processed by microcontroller and sent to the user over GSM mobile
53. Password enabled pre-paid liquid/milk dispensing system
54. This updates time (GMT) from satellites and displays on LCD
55. Automatic Room Illumination Control (Microcontroller Board + Sensors)
56. DC Voltage and Current Meter With LCD Display
57. Microcontroller and GPS based geographical map drawing instrument Very useful for Civil engineers
58. Remote control of critical software applications with mobile phone
59. uC based Real Time Clock with (x) LCD Display
60. Microcontroller based Automatic Railway Gate Control System
61. GSM Based Home Security System Get intrusion alerts like door/windows open alerts onto your Cell Phone (GSM+Microcontroller)
62. (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
63. Multi Channel Frequency Measurement with PC Display
64. Microcontroller based dual Lithium-ion battery charger with automated charge and discharge cycles
65. Implementation of wireless sensors network for Wild Fire monitoring system
66. Autonomous Robot with artificial vision for obstacle detection
67. Automatic Temperature Measurement and Control (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
68. GSM based Highway vehicle traffic monitoring system
69. PIR based energy conservation system for corporate Computers and lighting system
70. GPS based border alert system for fishermen
71. Microcontroller based GPS Navigator with Google Earth Interface and MMC/SD GB Card Data Logging
72. Interfacing Microcontroller to Cellphone graphical display
73. The design was carried out through the use of two infrared sensors The sensors check blood density on the patient's fingertips in order to measure heart rate The raw data from the sensors is processed by microcontroller and the processed data is sent to user over GSM modem/mobile
74. (Microcontroller Board + Stepper Motor + Sensors)
75. Wearable technology for wireless gadgets control
76. Microcontroller based refrigeration control system
77. Temperature Measurement over GSM Mobile
78. RC IR Based Remote Device Switching (IR Remote + Microcontroller + Device Relays)
79. Microcontroller driven GPS Clock (GPS+Microcontroller+LCD)
80. Digital Frequency Meter (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
81. Zigbee based Wireless Energy Meter reading logging system on PC
82. uC based Heartbeat Monitoring over GSM Mobile
83. Microcontroller based digital clock with Graphical LCD and Sanskrit font (or Any regional font) Numbers
84. Standalone Heartbeat Data Logger (MCU+SD/MMC GB Card+Sensors)
85. Touchscreen based Wireless Language Translator in Airlines using Zigbee
86. Contact less Motor speed monitoring on Graphical display with high and low speed alerts
87. Evaluation of the tongue drive system by individuals with high-level spinal cord injury (IEEE )
88. Remote Control of PC/Computer using GSM Modem or Cell Phone
89. Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging machines
90. Microcontroller based Wireless matchbox with digital lantern
91. Radio Frequency based wireless remote controlled digital camera with high power focus LED
92. GSM Mobile phone controlled intelligent Robot
93. Easy to find the stolen Car Global Positioning Sytem (GPS) has been used in various commercial applications including transportation, navigation and vehicle position tracking, which when coupled with GSM mobile phone technology, the technology can help locate stolen vehicle and retrieval process
94. Infrared (IR) remote controlled Muscle Stimulator with duration and intensity control
95. Real-time Heartbeat Monitoring system with display on Graphical LCD and Voice based alerting system
96. Wireless GoogleEarth control system at Railway/Bus Stations for tourist’s route map guidance
97. The purpose this project is to get the Latitude and Longitude from the satellites and display them on LCD display
98. GPS based asset/vehicle/animal/child tracking system
99. Multi Channle Voltage Measurement with LCD Display
100. uC to PC Serial Interface With Device Control + PC Software (NET or VC++)
101. Wireless Speedo meter for boat/ship with speed and location limit alerts
102. Google Android operated Smart Home
103. Advanced GPS based navigator for illiterates
104. GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System
105. Implementation of location based advertisement system using GPS and Graphical LCD
106. Wireless SCADA
107. RFID and GSM based intelligent courier/letter collection box
108. Wireless energy meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation on handheld
109. uC based Wireless(Radio/IR) Heartbeat Monitor
110. The purpose of this project is to monitor the vehciles moving on highways at remote locations This project uses infrared/laser sensor system to count the number of vehicles passing in both the directions The vehicle count is logged by the microcontroller This vehicles information is sent to the user over GSM modem The information can be sent to the user periodically or can be sent on demand by sending a missed call or SMS
111. Wireless Stepper Motor Controller (Radio Rx/Tx + Stepper Motor + Microcontroller)
112. Live Human being detection wireless remote controlled Robot (Useful for detection of terrorists hiding inside buildings)
113. Usb Hardware implimentation using PIC F/F -bit advanced microcontroller (With PC side VC++ application)
114. PIR Sensor based Intrusion Detection System
115. Motor Speed Monitoring over GSM Mobile
116. PWM DC Motor Speed Controller (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD + DC Motor)
117. GSM based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) implementation
118. GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police
119. Microcontroller based Temperature Measurement and Relay Control with PC Interface
120. Construction of Touchscreen based portable Digital Clock
121. Microcontroller based Heartbeat Monitor with Display On Computer
122. uC based Solar Tracker with Stepper Motor Control
123. GPS Compass
124. Microcontroller Based Temperature Monitoring & Control
125. Microcontroller to PC USB Interface With Device Control + PC Software (NET or VC++)
126. High voltage fuse blown indicator with Voice based announcement system
127. Virtual distance measuring tape with Graphical LCD Very useful for roads and buildings department One man operable and works on anywhere on earth
128. Microcontroller to Microcontroller Infrared based communication
129. The purpose of this project is to Monitor and Control any Digital or Analog devices from your Cell Phone This Project can be used to control up to electrical devices With this circuit you can switch-ON , OFF or Restart some Linux servers, ADSL modems, Printers, Door with electric lock, Irrigation Pump, Garage door, House lights, Water pumps, electric sunshade, Block the engine of your car or your motorcycle, at the steal case and much more The purpose of this circuit is to make the human life better and easier
130. Travel assistant for blind with dynamic user input for location based alerts
131. uC based Multiple Device Control based on Change in Input Frequency
132. DC Motor Speed and direction control over GSM Mobile/Modem
133. Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control
134. Android Smart Phone based Home Automation
135. Microcontroller based online examination system with dynamic questions
136. Voice enabled devices switching for visually impaired
137. Touchscreen based Nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired
138. Graphical LCD and Memory stick (MMC/SD card) based textbook reading system
139. Construction of microcontroller based Touchscreen Mobile Phone with Password protected features
140. Location driven car music player (Plays devotional songs near temples, shuts at home etc)
141. Password protected IR based Device Control
142. (GSM Modem/Mobile/Cell Phone)+ Microcontroller)
143. Touchscreen based temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD
144. Microcontroller to PC Iteraction Using Java Applet based Application
145. GPS & GSM Based Car Security System
146. Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor Speed Control (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD + DC Motor)
147. GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System
148. Dual GSM Modems based irrigation water pump controller for illiterates
149. GPS+GSM based Realtime Bus/Train Location Finder and display on Earth's Map
150. IR Remote Stepper Motor Controller Control stepper motor usnig TV remote (IR Remote + Stepper Motor + Microcontroller)
151. GPS & GSM based Human Health Monitoring and Alert System with patient’s location on earth
152. RFID/Mifare/Smart Card based security access control systems
153. Android Smart Phone operated Robot with bluetooth control
154. GPS and Graphical display based tourist-guiding system with Touchscreen keyboard input for dynamic location recording This can be used any where in the world including Sea and Forest locations
155. Touchscreen based Ordering System for Restaurants
156. Touch Screen GLCD based Digital Devices Control System
157. PIR + GSM based Home Security System
158. This project is to control the railway gate system automatically by sensing the train movement This gives the visual and voice alerts to users crossing the rail path This can also count the number of trains passings in both directions per day or hour
159. Voice Operated Guidance Systems for Vision Impaired People (Speech Recognition, Voice Guidance, Ultrasonic Obstacle sensor and GPS Receiver)
160. GSM+GPS based school kids tracking system
161. MEMS Accelerometer based Tilt Operated wireless phonebook copying to PC
162. Wireless Heartbeat Sensor (GSM based)
163. RF Control Of Induction/DC/Stepper Motor & Other Industrial Loads
164. GPS based navigator with location display on Graphical LCD This provides user to have the location information displayed in any language
165. RFID and GSM based intelligent letterbox (mailbox)
166. Military persons training system that monitors the speed at which they move and records the calculated traveled distance with the time
167. Microcontroller to PC Iteraction Using VB GUI Application
168. Microcontroller to PC Iteraction Using VC++ GUI Application
169. Hazardous chemical valve control system with stepper motor and line of site remote control
170. Advanced vehicle tracking and automatic crash notification using GPS and GSM technology with Location Name as SMS
171. Microcontroller Digital Access Control System
172. Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) Accelerometer/Gyroscope based self-balancing robot
173. Microcontroller and RF transceiver based chatting application with Touchscreen keyboard implementation
174. Function Generator Using Microcontroller
175. Touch Screen based digital devices control system This project is to build a Graphical LCD Touch Screen interface for switching electrical devices The controlled devices can be of high voltage or low voltage
176. Design and Construction of MEMS Accelerometer based Tilt Operated touch free mobile phone
177. Touchscreen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments
178. Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features
179. Microcontroller based Substation Monitoring and control System
180. UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability systems (banking/finance/medical etc)
181. Microcontroller based Hardware(USB or Serial) key implementation for any software based applications
182. GSM based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates (No Mobile phone operation knowledge required)
183. Mobile technology (GSM) based remote monitoring and control of digital Energy meter Useful for Electricity Department personal for remote meter reading Also useful to disconnect the power supply to consumer incase of non-payment of electric bill This is also used to exchange messages like power cut timings with the consumers
184. uC based MMC/SD Memory Card Interfacing (Data Logger)
185. DC Motor Speed and direction control using RF/IR/Zigbee technologies
186. SMS based remote SIM card’s address book access system
187. Radio Frequency wireless remote controlled digital camera with high power LED based focusing light The camera direction can be controlled remotely and the video images can be seen live on TV
188. GPS and GSM based real-time vehicle tracking on GoogleEarth (with two GSM Modems)
189. Microcontroller based virtual boundary/fencing for Wild Animals
190. Zigbee and Touchscreen Controlled PC
191. MEMS Accelerometer based tilt operated Graphical LCD and memory stick based textbook reading system
192. Microcontroller based Heartbeat Monitor with LCD Display
193. Data logger for energy meter with time and KWH readings Very useful for historical data logging and analysis
194. Liquid dispensing system with adjustable quantity for industrial use
195. Innovative keyboard construction with only one input pin
196. Touchscreen based wireless communication assistant for dumb/illiterates in Airlines
197. Wireless Digital Camera Controller
198. DS and Microcontroller based TV remote controlled Digital Clock
199. Wireless touchscreen based multi-patient health monitoring system for corporate hospitals
200. GPS based office cab monitoring system very useful for the safety of female employees This system records the travel path and location with timings Also records the destination of each employee home
201. Microcontroller based Single phasing preventor
202. Wireless control of powered wheelchairs with tongue motion using tongue drive assistive technology (IEEE )
203. Digital Voltmeter (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD)
204. Electrical Data(voltage,current,frequency etc) Logger (SCADA) (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + MMC/SD Memory + PC Sortware)
205. Mobile phone controlled Street Light monitoring and control system
206. Temperature Analyzers with computerized graphical image
207. Wireless Energy Meter monitoring system with automatic tariff calculation
208. Multi Channle Voltage Measurement with PC Display
209. Multi Channel Frequency Measurement with LCD Display
210. Digital Vehicle Dash Board
211. The purpose of this project is to log the heartbeat data into the MMC memory stick The data for the duration upto One Month can be logged continuously
212. GPS based station name announcement and display system for Trains/buses
213. uC based Closed Loop Temperature Control
214. SCADA system design and construction for real-time electrical parameter monitoring and control
215. Zigbee based Wireless Energy Meter reading system
216. GPS based vehicle travel location-logging system This System stores the traveler’s geographical location and speed at an interval of one second and is stored in to GB MMC/SD memory card
217. Automatic Rotor Resistance Controller using Microcontroller
218. GSM/Mobile/Cell Phone Based Device Monitoring and Control Ststem
219. Microcontroller based GPS Data Logger into MMC/SD Card
220. Touchscreen operated liquid dispensing system
221. Virtual wireless dancing bells for classical dancers
222. Microcontroller and voice based alerting system for blind people with GPS enabled location identification
223. Closed loop DC Motor Speed Controller (Microcontroller Board + Sensors + LCD + DC Motor)
224. same as above but the processed data is sent to PC
plz give a detailed explanation with circuit diagram that is very useful to others.
thanks for give a project title. it's very useful for all.
thanks for giving details about latest projects.we insist you to provide quick and correct aceess of the required informations with full details
for any kind of projects contact rpyashu18[at]
To get full information or details of ece projects topics list for final year please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on ece projects topics list for final year please reply in that page and ask specific fields in ece projects topics list for final year
solar data logger into mmc/sd memory card
To get full information or details of ece projects topics list for final year please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on ece projects topics list for final year please reply in that page and ask specific fields in ece projects topics list for final year
will you construct 1 final year project for name is pankaj and im a ECE... i need ur help
To get full information or details of ece projects topics list for final year please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on ece projects topics list for final year please reply in that page and ask specific fields in ece projects topics list for final year
Sir, we could only find the names of the titles. Can you please provide me with abstracts. At least send me briefly about the topics just like I have found in this blog
ECE refers to Electronics and Communication Engineering. This one of the most demanded branches in engineering as the students who join in this branch would have many opportunities in their career. Every engineering student should complete their project successfully in final year to get their engineering certificate. They have many choices in selecting the projects such as microcontroller based, solar, electrical, robotics, sensor based, etc.

A Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network for Sewerage Monitoring
Traffic Light Control System
A Bi-directional Visitors Counter
Bomb Detection Robotics Using Embedded Controller
Telephone Router
Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for CAR
Centrally Controlled Multichannel Token Display
Microcontroller Based Cellular Voting Machine
Two ways Wireless Anti Theft Alarm system for Two Wheeler
Micro Controller based Security System using Sonar
Frequency Counter
Wireless Motor Control System
Card Based Security System
Microcontroller Based Barcode Decoder
Dynamic Car Parking Negotiation And Guidance Using An Agent-Based Platform
Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment
VHDL Modelling of Glue Logic of 1553b Interface Board
Micro Controller based Burner Automation
Device Controlling Using TAPI
Telephone Triggered Switches
Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
GSM Path Planning For Blind Person Using Ultrasonic
Infrared Remote Control
Radar Data Acquisition System
Home Automation Using DTMF Decoder
Network Monitoring System Communication
Tanker Robo For Vision Based Surveillance System
Blind navigation system using RFID for indoor environments
An Automatic Mobile Recharger Station
Cell Phone Operated Robot
Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking and Traction Control
Tracking And Positioning System
Weather Station
Generation of Electricity from Wind Power
Automatic Over Speed Detector
Local PCO Meter
Micro Controller based Power Theft Identifier
Micro Controller based Dissolving Process Controller
On/Off Control And Data Communication Through Power Line
GSM Prepaid EB, Phone Bill System
Design Of A Color Sensing System For Textile Industries
Packet Analyzer
Ultrasonic Based Distance Measurement System
Remote Vehicle With Unlimited Range
Remote Controlled Robotic Arm
Automation Of Ration Products Distribution System
Wireless Load Controller By GSM
GSM Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot
GSM Digital Security Systems for Printer
Sensor Based Motion Control Of Mobile Car Robot
Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle
Nav Multi Processor System
Digital Stopwatch
GSM Advanced Wireless Earthquake Alarm System For Early Warning
Intelligent GSM Care For Bus Finding System
Electronic Vehicle Identification In The Intelligent City
Hiding Of Host Image Using Cover Image
GSM Real Time Street Light Control Systems
Electricity Theft Monitoring System
Conversion Of Audio CD Player To Video CD Player
High Bandwidth Low Noise Amplifier with improved stability over Radio Frequency range
Robot Navigation Using Optical Odometry
Alarm Annunciator with Real Time Event Recorder
Automated Step Climber
Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle
Virtual Class Rooms
Variable Power Supply
GSM Energy Meter Debugger Systems
Electric Bikes
Temperature Monitoring System
Wireless Unmanned Tanker Robot
Reverse Power Protection of An Alternator
Microcontroller Based Cellular Voting Machine
Towers of Hanoi
eBadge Using RFID With Biometrics
GSM Petrol Reader Systems
Cordless Power Controller
GSM Based Accident Sensing Systems
Speed Sensor
Dumb Signs system using Speech Communication
The Nove DA
GSM Path finding System
Railway Switches And Signals
Obstacle Detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors
Automatic Conveyor for Industrial Automation
Electronic Number Lock
Path Finding And Mapping System
Automatic Energy Management Systems
Voting Machine
Service Channel Terminating Unit for Digital Microwave System
RTOS (VX Works) Based Control And Safety Monitoring
Human Area Networking
Highway Alert lamp
Wireless Advanced Flight Systems Aircraft Monitoring System
Online Device Controller
Microcontroller - based electronic Locking system module
Multi-Channel Infra Red Remote Control
Telephone Answering Machiner
Manual EPROM Programmer cum Verifier
MOBI E-COPS With Multiprocessor Systems
Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair
Band Pass Filter
Function Generator With Frequency Counter
Microprocessor 8085 Trainer Kit
Multiplier Accumulator Component VHDL Implementation
Intelligent Wireless Talking Bus Stop
Involuntary Train Collision Prevention System
Remote Access Control And Automation System For Electronic Appliances Using Telephone Line
Component Pick-And-Place Scheduling Robot
GSM Autonomous CAR Parking
Mobi-Device Controller
Integrated Photonic Microwave Band Pass Filter
Appliances Security Controller Using Power Line
Attendance Monitoring Intelligent Classroom
Design of Manchester Encoder-decoder in VHDL
Float cum Boost Charger
GSM Automated And Unmanned Control System Of Railway Crossing
Efficient Coding Technique for Aerospace Telecommand system
Vehicle Speed Sensing and Smoke Detecting System
Touch Screen GLCD based Digital Devices Control System
Prepaid Energy Meter
Multidimensional Visualisation System
Microwave Bandpass Filter
Green House Monitoring And Control
Vehicle Over Speed Control System
Energy Consumption Indicators
Integrated Circuit Tester
Magic lights
Microcontroller-Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System
Over Speed Indication And Automatic Accident Avoiding System For Four Wheeler
Access Control System
Fire Fighting Robot
Remote Airfield Lighting System
Analog To Digital Converter
Electronic Passport Using RF-ID

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