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electric powerline networking for a smart home ieee paper

Electric power line networking is a method of home networking which is capable of interconnecting computers in your home. It uses exciting AC wiring and power outlets to transmit data around a home or small offices. It is based on the concept of 'no new wires'. It would let you share:
" Web access
" Printers
" PC hard drives
From any plug in your home or office.
Electric power line networking avoids the need for putting PCs near a phone outlet. Instead, computers and other devices are connected through electrical outlet. You are networked by just plugging in. power line networking is based on Homeplug Powerline Alliance's Homeplug 1.0 standards. With power line networking, a home owner can create an entire home network linking his/her,
" Personal computers
" Printers
" Music equipments
" Internet access
Without running any new wires.
Wires and sockets are used simultaneously for electricity and data, without disrupting each other. Thus power line networking provides a cost effective solution for home networking. With power line networking, you will be able to put your desktop PCs anywhere you like in your home. It will also easier to buy and network other devices.


A power line network is having the following features,

" No extra wiring and extra wire maintenance is required since it uses exciting electrical line it self for net working.
" It uses standard outlet/plug. So it is possible to access the network everywhere at home.
" It uses power outlet to let the users more easily relocate the PCs, switches, routers and print servers.
" It is easy to connect with Ethernet switch or router to access internet or exciting home network.
" It provides a 56-bit DES encryption for high security in data transfer.
" It co-exists with current technology to protect previous investment. So customers will not have to discard their exciting network solutions.
" It provides maximum 14Mbps bandwidth over standard home for sharing information, multimedia application and gaming.
" Frequency band 4.3 to 20.9 MHz for low interference from other electrical appliances.


Like home PNA, power-line networking is based on the concept of "no new wires". The convenience is even more obvious in this case because while not every room has a phone jack, but always have an electrical outlet near a computer. In power line networking, you connect your computers to one another through the same outlet. Because it requires no new wiring, and the network adds no cost to your electric bill, power line networking is the cheapest method of connecting computers in different rooms.
There are two competing technologies for power line networking. The older technology called Passport, by company named Intelogis and a new technology called Powerpacket, developed by intellon. Now let's find out how each of these technologies works.
Low voltage electrical wiring has been ruled out because it is too loud and unpredictable to support high speed communication signals. Advances in communication and modulation methodologies, as well as in the adaptive processing of digital signals and the detection and correction of errors, have generated new protocols capable of supporting communication networks of power lines at speeds comparable to wired LANs. Through simulation and real-time measurements using prototypes of commercial powerline products of "reference design", we demonstrate that HomePlug MAC and PHY layers can guarantee QoS for real-time communications, admitting delay-sensitive data flows for smart home applications .

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) and power line communications (PLC) are used in this work to implement a smart home control network. The objectives are to reduce the impact of wireless interference on a smart home control network and the unnecessary energy consumption of a smart home. An isolated WSN is established with a coordinator, which is integrated in the PLC transceiver, in each room. The coordinator is responsible for transferring the environmental parameters obtained by WSNs to the administration station through PLC. Control messages for household appliances are transferred directly via PLC instead of WSN. According to the experimental results, the impact of wireless interference on the proposed smart home control network is mitigated substantially. In addition, an intelligent control algorithm for lighting systems and an analysis of the illumination of a fluorescent lamp was presented. The energy saving of the lighting systems was evaluated in relation to those without intelligent control. The numerical results indicate that electricity consumption on a sunny or cloudy day can be reduced by at least 40% under intelligent control. In addition, a prototype was implemented for the intelligent home control network proposed with the intelligent control algorithm. Experimental evidence shows that the proposed system for smart home control networks is practically feasible and works well.

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