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electricity consumption

plz help me in writing project on electicity consumption

introduction on electicity consumption

Consumption of electric energy is measured in watt-hour (written W · h, equal to Watts x hours)

1 W · h = 3600 joules = 859.8 calories.
Electrical and electronic devices consume electric energy to generate desired output (i.e. light, heat, movement, etc.). During operation, a part of the energy-dependent on the electrical efficiency-is consumed in unintended output, such as waste heat.

Electricity was generated in power plants since 1882 [2] the invention of the steam turbine in 1883 to the electric generator drive started with a strong increase in consumption world electricity.

In 2008, the world total electricity production was 20279 terawatt hours (TWh). This number corresponds to an average of about 2.3 terawatt continuously during the year. The total energy needed to produce this energy is about a factor of 2 to 3 higher because a power plants ' efficiency of electricity generation is about 30-50%. The energy generated is in the order of 5 TW. This is about a third of the total energy consumption of 15 TW (see world energy consumption).

In 2005, the primary energy is used to generate electricity was 41.60 Quadrillion BTU (Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas 6.69 25.99 quads quads 1.32 quads, nuclear power, renewable energy 4.23 8.13 quads quads respectively). The gross electricity generation in that year was 14.50 Quads; the difference, 27.10 Quads, was conversion losses. Of all electricity, was used in a residential area, 4.32 4.84 Quads Quads used in commercial, 3.47 Quads used in industrial and 0.03 Quads used in the transport. 1 Quad = 1.055 exajoule.

16816 TWh (83%) of the electrical energy was consumed by the end users. The difference of 3464 TWh (17%) was recorded in the process of generating energy and transport lost to the end user.

A sensitivity analysis on an Adaptive neuro-fuzzy network model for electric assessment question shows that employment is the most critical factor electricity consumption. [3] the study used 6 parameters as input data, employment, GDP, housing, population, HDD and CDD, with electricity demand as output variable

World electricity consumption in 2009

Electricity consumption in 2009
Source: Enerdata Statistical Energy Review
Worldwide, energy consumption was down with 1.5% in 2009, for the first time since the second world war. [4] Except in Asia and the Middle East, refreshments were reduced in all world regions. In the OECD countries, accounting for 53% of the total electricity generated by the demand for more than 4.5% scaled in both Europe and North America, while it shrank by more than 7% in Japan. The demand for electricity also fell by more than 4.5% in the CIS countries, driven by a big cut in Russian consumption. Conversely, in China and India (22% of consumption in the world), the electricity consumption continued to rise at a robust pace (+ 6-7%) to the energy demand associated with high economic growth. In the Middle East, growth was toned, but remained high, just under 4%.

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