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electronics and communication seminar topics

1. Embedded Systems (Automation of cars)
2. Software,Hardware,Firmware Development In Embedded Systems
3. Component “Based and Distributed Web Application For Embedded Systems
4. Digital Image Processing III
5. Technical Paper on Redtacton
6. Introduction to GSM Network and its Application
7. An Embedded systems for Automated adaptive traffic signaling
8. Multiresolution watermark based on wavelet transform for digital images
9. Wimax in 4G communications
10. Removal of adherent water drops from images acquired with a stered camera system
11. Satellite Communication
12. Wimax(Wireless Communication)
13. Ultra-Wide Band Radars
14. Satellite Power Systems(SPS)
15. Embedded Systems “ Control of Machines
16. Image Processing
17. Digital Image Processing
18. Cellular and Mobile Communications
19. Embedded System That Detects Isomorphism Among Graphs Using New Hamming Number Technique.
20. Challenges in the Migration To 4G Mobile Systems
21. Hardware implementation for fast convolution with PN code Using FPGA
22. Nano generator to power nano devices
23. Blue eyes human operator monitoring system
24. IRIDIUM Satellite system
25. Mobile- The Future Home Maker
26. Radar signal processing
27. Artificial Hearts
28. Digital Image Processing
29. Automated car parking using image processing
31. Satellite based Tsunami & Earth quake Early
32. Satellite communication
33. Concealed weapon detector
34. Wireless energy transmission
36. Artificial Hearts
37. Wireless power transmission
38. Video security for the ambient intelligence
1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
2. Micro Opto Electro Mechanical System
3. Jamming and AntiJamming Technologies for Law Enforcement
4. Sound separation techniques
5. Image Transform & Compression Using Wavelet.
6. Study on the use of D Image Processing in Medical Imaging
7. Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Transponder Circuit Design
8. Network Virus
9. Jamming and Anti-Jamming Technologies for Law Enforcement
10. Wireless Instant Messaging (WIM)
11. MPEG and H. Scalable Video Coding
12. Ibutton
13. Aircraft Security
14. Fuel Cell Vehicle
15. Virtual Instrumentation
16. Process Control Through GSM Communication
17. Challenges to Next Generations Internet Internet
18. GPRS
20. Cellular Mobility
21. The impact of Cognitive Radio for Exploiting Under-used Spectrum
22. Recent advances in speech recognition and speaker verification
23. Indoor Positioning
24. Touch screen Technology
25. Wireless communication : Past, present and future
26. Performance of Dual Core Processors
27. Continuous Speech Processing (CSP)
28. Deep Space Application
29. Face Recogtion
30. Dac Amps
31. Challenges to Nextgeneration Internet Internet
32. Imax Technology
33. Metor Burst Communications
34. Equalization and interference cancellation for TDMA wireless
35. Multi Detection & Tracking
36. Making D animation movies
37. Analog To Digital Conversion
38. Development Cycle For Microcontroller Based Systems
39. Radar Guidance System
40. Common Challenges in Image Processings
41. Wireless Security Enhancement from the Lowest Layer
42. Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Reader Circuit Design
43. Radar guidance systems
44. The study of propagation models in communication system
45. GaAs Technology and its Applications
46. Optical Computing : The wave of Future
47. Security of the digital documents
48. MAC Layer enhancement in .n standards
49. RTOS(Real time Operating System)
50. Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid OFDM/CDMA/SFH Approach For Wireless Multimedia
51. Security Architectures
52. Transocean Inter Continental Optical Links
53. Choices For CNC
54. Expert Systems
55. Morphological image processing
56. Modbus Protocol
57. Speed Control Of 3 Phase Induction Motor Using V/F
58. Comparison between Vertical Handover Decision Algorithms for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
59. Cable Modem
60. Streaming technology in G mobile communication systems
61. EMG Signal Analysis: Detection, Processing, Classification and Applications
62. Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB)
63. Security Analysis of Authentication Watermarking System
64. SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
65. Industrial Automation Using I2C Protocol.
66. I-Mode
67. Distributed Control System
68. Space Vector PWM
69. Embedded Webserver
70. Image Compression
71. Securing Wireless Communication
72. Introduction to Biomechatronics System
73. Digital Display using DLP
74. Ambient Intelligence: the networking challenges
75. Analog to Digital Conversion System : Theory and Application
76. Dual Polarized Antenna
77. Sensor Network
78. System In Package (SiP)
79. Adaptive Antenna Technology for Mobile Communication
80. FPGA Devlopement And Challenges
81. Zigbee
82. ASIC Design Flow
83. WARP : Wireless Open Access Research Platform
84. Study of Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain vs Frequency Domain
85. Optical Time Division Multiplexing and De multiplexing Techniques
86. Common Channel Signalling System 7
87. CPLD
88. Embedded FPGA
89. Investigation of the types of handovers in wireless communication system
91. Hyper-Threading
92. Interactive Informative Mobile Service
93. Soliton pulses in long distance communications
94. Wi-Fi
95. Intel Itanium Processor
96. Effect Of B.W On Speech Intelligibility
97. HCI for Mobile devices
98. Mobile IP
99. Digital Photography
100. Low Voltage Differential Signaling
101. Future evolution of microprocessor from single core to multi core
102. Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems
103. Earthquake Detection Using FM Radio
104. Multicasting
105. Wireless Sensor N/W Tech And Its Applications Using VLSI
106. Image Compression System for Mobile Communication : Advancement in the Recent Years
107. Digital Watermarking
108. UWB Technology
109. The Winner II Channel Model
110. Trans ocean intercontinental optical links
111. Spam
112. FoIP vs VoIP : Design and Application
113. System on Chip
114. Securing Wireless Communications
115. Future Telephony Networks
116. Optical Coherence Tomography
117. Engineering and Quran
118. Field Emission Display
119. Data Storage Technologies
120. Radar Tracking System: Concept and Application
121. Quantum Comuting , Telepotation & Telemmersion
122. Digital Steganography
123. MIMO in .n: potential and challenges
124. Revolution Of Transistors(Tri Gate Transistors)
125. Digital enhanced Cordless telecommunications
126. In Band On Channel Digital Audio Broadcasting
127. Access Network Fiber To The Building(AN-FTTB)
128. Double image mixing for D stereoscopic vision
129. Impedence Glottography
130. Enhancing Perfprmance Using An ARM Microcontroller With Zero Wait State Flash
131. Cryptography
132. Environmental Observation and Forecasting Systems using Wireless Sensor Networks.
133. Comparison Study between Bees Algorithm and Ant Algorithm
134. Smart Home Technologies
135. Practical Advances In Asynchronous Design
136. Multiprotocol Label Switching
137. Blue Ray DVD
138. Radio broadcasting system : Design and Application
139. Edubuntu: Linux for Young Human Beings
140. Security Analysis of Authentication Watermarking Systems
141. Viruse on Mobile
142. Interplanetary Internet
143. T-Rays
144. Ultra wideband
145. Application Of CNC(Computer Numeric Control)
146. Image Processing and its application
147. PID Controller
148. Dolby Sound Processing
149. The Difference between ANN and HMM
150. Safe in Flight Mobile Telephony
151. SpaceTime Coding For FrequencySelective Fading Channels
152. Video Streaming Technology in G Mobile Communication Systems
153. Huperspectral Inaging
154. Spectrum Requirement for WINNER Wireless World Innitiatives II
155. WARP: Wireless Open Access Research Platform
156. Cellular Communication -4G
157. Biometrics-applications based pattern recognitions
158. Aerospace telemetry
159. Grid Computing
160. The Marriage of Cryptography and Watermarking
161. The future of wireless network infrastructure
162. Cordect Tech
163. Color Image Processing
164. Seismology and its Instruments
165. Positron emission tomography
166. Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid OFDM/CDMA/SFH Approach For Wireless
167. Tele Presence Surgery
168. Flat screen display systems
169. Speech To Text Conversion
170. D “ Amps
171. Common Challenges in Image Processing
172. Wi-Max
173. WiMax and G LTE : complement or competitor?
174. Automative Electronics
175. Hydrogen Fuel Cell
176. Cybernetic Organism
177. WPAN
178. Convergence & Multimedia Networking
179. Steganography
180. Image Segmentation
181. Visible Light Communications
182. Optical Burst Switching
183. Optical DWDM Networks
184. Magnetic RAM
185. High Speed Serial Interface
186. PHY layer of FBWA
187. Recent Advances in Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification HDMI and DisplayPort: How it works
188. Photocopier Technology
189. Sonar
190. Video compression Techniques
191. Brain Computer Interfacing
192. Control & Cancellation Of ECHO In Telephony
193. Deep Space Engineering Application
194. Telemedicine
195. Study of Latest Issues Pertaining to Image Transmission in Wireless Network
196. Wafer Bumping
197. Multi Protocol Label Switching In Optical Networks
198. Face Recognition Technology
199. Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Antenna Circuit Design
200. Equalization and interference cancellation for TDMA wireless Communication systems
201. MPEG and H. : Scalable Video Coding
202. E “ Faxing
203. The Winner Wireless World Innitiatives II Air Interface
204. Digital finger Printing
205. Takeover: A New Vertical Handover Concept
206. Introduction to Grid Computing
207. Image Compression, Past and Present
208. Snake Robot
209. Quantum Cryptography
210. High performance computing using graphic card and multicore processor
211. Bone growth using electrical stimulation
212. Adaptive modulation Performance of wideband OFDM communications
213. VDSL
214. Single Phase Trams Nehal Shahformer Construction & Design
215. Advances in Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Classification of Power Quality Events
216. Tele “ Immersion
217. Motes
218. DAMA
219. HDMI and Display Port : How It Works
220. Signaling System 7 (SS 7)
221. Peripheral Interface Controller
222. E-commerce Technology Challenges
223. DSL Technology
224. Sensors and Their Application in Robotics
225. Complete Weighing Solution Using Momentum PLC
226. Image Enhancement
227. Free Space Optics
228. Telerobotics Operations Via Internet
229. Security in the digital documents
230. WiMax and G LTE : Complement or Competitor
231. Security in WiMAX Networks
232. Design of cryptographic protocols
233. IP Spoofing: A Network Threat
234. Multi Service Network Based On ATM
235. Seiral ATA
236. DEMO
237. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
238. Tele Immersion
239. Plasma Antenna
240. Comparative Analysis of the Physical Layer Technologies in WiMax and LTE
241. Nems-(Nano-electro-Mechanical System)
242. Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
243. Walking Beam Control Using PLC
244. Projection TV
245. E-Commerce Technology Challenges
246. Biosensors
247. Mobile and Broadcasting Convergence as a Disruptive Force
248. The impact of Cognitive Radio for Exploiting Underused Spectrum
249. Biometrics
250. Secure Localization Algorithms
251. Comparision of Edge Detection Algorithms
252. Covolutional Encoding & Viterbi Decoding
253. Harmonic Reduction In AC Drives.
254. Gigabit Ethernet
255. A comparative study of web cost estimation model for hypermedia applications
256. On Chip Designing Factors & Their Solution
257. Colour Doppler
258. Space-Time Coding For Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
259. Network Virus : Creation and Prevention
261. Ad-Hoc Network
262. Evdo (Evolation Data Only)
263. Biometrics-based pattern recognitions
264. Challenges to Next-generation Internet Internet III
265. Speed Control Of DC Motor Using Fuzzy Logic
266. Biometrics Application Based Pattern Recognitions
267. Emerging Communications Technologies and their impact on Military Communication Systems
268. Trans ocean inter-continental optical links
269. Optical Packet Switching
270. Enabling Adaptive Transmission Using Fading Prediction
271. Software based GPS receiver
272. Internet Over Power Line
273. Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA)
274. Quality Assessment Technique for Compressed Video
275. Embedded Networking
276. Radio Frequency Identification: Reader Circuit & Antenna Circuit Design
277. Radar Tracking System : Concept and Application
278. USB Pen Drive Disk
279. CO2 Laser
280. IPTV vs Mobile TV : Design and Application
281. Protected Extensible Authentication Protocols
282. E Clothing
283. A Comparison Study between Bees Algorithm and Ant Algorithm
284. Video Image Compression Techniques

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