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electronics seminar topics
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1. Bit Amplification
2. xev-Do Technology
3. G Wireless Systems
4. Bit Microprocessor
5. Adaptive & Energy Efficient Wavelet Image Compression For Mobile Mul D S
6. Adaptive Blind Noise Suppression
7. Adaptive Control Of A Fuel Cell Gas Turbine Hybrid Power Plant
8. Advanced Digital Signal Processing
9. Advanced Embedded System
10. AI for Speech Recognition
11. Airborne Internet
12. Alarm With Night Lamp
13. All About Data Sanity
14. Amature Radio Satellite
15. An ATM With An Eye
16. An Efficient Algorithm for iris pattern
17. An Implementation Of Single System Image Server Cluster
18. An Intelligent On-Line System For Content Based Image Retrie
19. Analog-Digital Hybrid Modulation
20. Antennae For Good Fm Reception And Fm Dx Listening
21. Application Of Embedded System In Digital Camera
22. Application Of Advance Technology In Surveying-Mobile Mapping System
23. Application Of Conductive Polymer
24. Application Of Fuzzy Logic In Medicine
25. Application Of Information System In Textile Industry “Textile
26. Application Of light In Adjustable Frequency Ac Drive
27. Application Of Solar Energy
28. Application Of Solar Energy In Agriculture
29. Architecture Of g Mobile Communication
30. Armature Radio Satellite
31. Artifical Eye
32. A -Level Neuro-Fuzzy Autonomous Robot Navigation System
33. A Basic Touch-Sensor Screen System
34. A Clean Biodiesel Fuel Produced From Recycled Oils And Grease Trap Oils
35. A Dynamic Simulation Of Hvdc Systems
36. A Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Hybrid Power Plant With Adaptive Control
37. A M O E B A-The Study Of A Distributed Operating System
38. A Mobile-Agent Approach For Location Tracking In AWireless Sensor Network
39. A Nano Fuzzy Controller For Mobile Robots
40. A Tool For Increasing Productivity Of Electric
41. About Fuse Parameters And Characteristics
42. Ac & Dc Drives & Their Application
43. Ac Locomotive
44. AC Performance Of Nanoelectronics
45. Access Control System
46. Acoustics
47. Active Network Technology
48. Artificial Hand By Embedded System
49. Artificial Intellegence (New )
50. Artificial Intelligence
51. Artificial Intelligence Substation Control
52. Artificial Neural Network
53. Artificial Neural Network Based Synchronous Machine Control
54. Artificial Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic
55. Artificial Neural Networks That Creates And Discovers
56. Asynchronous Transfer Mode
57. Audio Communication
58. Augmented Reality
59. Augmented Reality
60. Automated Flight Control
61. Automated Teller Machine
62. Automatic Number Plate Recognition
63. Automatic Speed Controller For
64. Automatic Stamping
65. Belt Oil Skimmer For Oil “Final
66. BiCMOS technology
67. Bio-Gas As A Alternate Fuel In Electricity Generation
68. Bio-Informatics
69. Bioinformatics ()
70. Biometrics
71. Bio-metrics
72. Biometrics Computing
73. Biomimetic Robots
74. Bio-Molecular Computing
75. Bionic Eye
76. Bioremediation- Nature's Way To A Cleaner Environment -Chemical
77. Blue Eyes Technology
78. Blue Ray ()
79. Bluetooth
80. Bluetooth - Future Of Wap
81. Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks
82. Bluetooth Smart Nodes For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
83. Cellular Communications
84. Cellular Positioning
85. Cellular Radio
86. Character Recognition By Nueral Network
87. Chip Card (Smart Card)
88. Cholesterol Level Controlling By Using Enzobot
89. Class-D Amplifiers
90. Cluster Search
91. Code Division Duplexing
92. Code Division Multiple Access
94. Combing Developments & Their Significance
95. Commercial Off Shell Dust
96. Composition Products Analysis From Sf Circuit Breaker
97. Computer Telephony Integration
98. Constant Voltage Transformer
99. Content Addressable Memory (Cam)
101. CorDECT
102. Cordless Digital Enhanced Communication Technique
103. Cost Effective
104. Cost Effective & Reliable Transmission
105. Cost Effective & Reliable Transmission Of Power
106. Cpap & Bipap
107. CRT Display
108. Crusoe
109. Csympathetic Haptics - The Sensational Touch
110. Current Distribution
111. Cwinnower Algorithm For Finding Fuzzy Dna Motifs
112. Cyborg
113. Daknet
114. Data Encryption And Security
115. Data Security
116. Delay Tolerant Networking
117. Design of -D Filters using a Parallel Processor Architecture
118. Design Of Optical Logic Gates
119. Design Of Power System Stabilizer Using Fuzzy Logic
120. Development Of Flexible Neural Network
121. Development Of Wave Energy Breakwaters
122. Dig Water
123. Digital Audio's Final Frontier-Class D Amplifier
124. Digital Cinema
125. Digital HUBUB
126. Digital Light Processing
127. Digital Signature
128. Bluetooth Technology
129. Bonding Genes With It
130. Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors
131. Brain Chips
132. Brain Computer Interface
133. Broadband Communication and Information Highways
134. Broadband Communication On Highways of Tomorrow
135. C Sharp
136. Cable Modem
137. Cancellation Of Echo In Wireless Communication
138. Capacitor Commutated Converter
139. Captive Power Plant Carbon Nanotubes
140. Carbon Nanotube Flow Sensors
141. Carbon Nanotubes
142. Cast Resin Transformer
143. CDMA
144. Cell Processer
145. Digital Steganography
146. Digital Subscriber Line
147. Digital Water Marking For Color Images Using Dwt And Its Applications
148. Direct to Home Television (DTH)
149. Disaster Control Of Electric Power Grids
150. Disaster Early Warning System
151. Disaster Mitigation & Flood Control
152. Disorder In Brain Waves And Detecting It With Microprocessor Intel Timer
153. Distributed Integrated Circuits
154. Distribution Power Generation
155. Dobelle's Artificial Eye
156. DSP & Its Applications
157. DSP Processor
158. DTH Tv
159. DTM- Dyanamic Synchronous Transfer Mode
160. Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
161. Dynamic Performance Of Static And Synchronous Compensator At An HVDC Inverter Bus
162. Dynamic Power Management For Embedded Systems
163. Dynamic Signature Verification System Ed System
164. E “ Nose
165. Earthing System
166. Easy Aid To Daily Living
167. ECG
168. Echo Cancellation
169. Echo Cancellation In Wireless Communication
170. Echo Over Voip
171. E-Commerce
172. Economical Effect Of Using
173. EDGE
174. Effects Of EMF Efficient Energy Management
175. E-Governance
176. EGPRS
177. Enabling Fingerprint Authentication In Embedded Systems For Wireless Applications
178. Energy Audit
179. Energy Conservation
180. Energy Conservation And Management New
181. Energy Conservation In Electrical Drives
182. Energy Conservation In Induction Motor
183. Energy Conservation Need Of Time
184. Energy Efficient Motors
185. Energy From Tides
186. Energy In st Century
187. Energy Recovery And Electric Power Generation From Municipal
188. Energy Saving Systems For Induction Motors
189. E-Nose
190. Environmental Impact Of Agrochemical Industries
191. Ethanol
192. Ethernet
193. Evaluation Of Soft Switching
194. E-Voting
195. Extended Markup Language
196. Eye Reader
197. Face Recognition Technology
198. FDDI
199. Fiber Optics In Sensing Measurement
200. FinFET Technology
201. Fire Fighting System In Sub Station
202. Fire Wall And Access Control
203. FireWire
204. Flexible Ac Transmission
205. Flexible PCBs
206. FPGA Implementation Of Dsp Circuit
207. Fractal Robots
208. Free Space Laser Communications
209. Free Space Optics
210. Frequency Division Multiple Access
211. Fuel Cell
212. Fuel Cell New
213. Future Electrical Steering System
214. Futuristic Fuel Cell - Clean
215. Futuristics Fuel Cell Clean Energy For Tomorrow
216. Fuzzy Based Power System Stabilizer
217. Fuzzy based Washing Machine
218. Fuzzy Image Processing
219. Fuzzy Logic And Ph Control Technique
220. Fuzzy Logic Control Design And Implementation
221. Gain Scheduled
222. Gain Scheduled Controller Design For Internal Combustion Engine
223. Gas Turbine
224. Gasnets-Hybrid Controllers For Robots
225. Gateway To g Mobile Tehnology
226. Genomic
227. Geothermal Energy
228. Gesture Recognition
229. Global Positioning Sytsem
230. GPRS
231. Graph Cut Textures Image Synthesis Using Graph Cuts
232. Graphic Recorders
233. E-Intelligence
234. Electric Vehicles
235. Electricity In Automobile Electro Optics
236. Electrochemical Dyeing
237. Electromagnetic Bomb
238. Electromagnetic Radiation
239. Electron Beam Lithography
240. Electron Beam Testing Technology
241. Electronic Data Interchange
242. Electronic Suspensions Air Suspensions Electronic Level Controls_Files
243. Electrotextile-Textile
244. Element Management System
245. Embedded System
246. Embedded System Processors
247. Embedded Systems - Smart Card As Itâ„¢s Application
248. Embedded Systems and Information Appliances
249. Embedded Systems On Mission Control
250. Embedded Technology
251. Embryonics Approach Towards Integrated Circuits
252. EMF
253. GSM
254. GSM Security And Encryption
255. Guided Missiles
256. HAAPS
257. Handfree Driving
258. Hansen Disease Diagnostics Using Fuzzy And Ebp-Nnn
259. Haptic Technology
260. Harmonics In Power System
261. Harmonics In Power System & Design Of Filters
262. Harmonics, Its Effects
263. Heliodisplay
264. High Density Digital Video Disc (HD - DVD)
265. High Performance DSP Architectures
266. High Performance Microprocessor
267. Holographic Data Storage
268. Holographic Memory
269. Holographic Versatile Disc
270. How We Can Protect T & D And Substation Equipment
271. Humanistic Intelligence
272. Human-Machine Interaction For Intelligent Robots
273. HVDC
274. HVDC Conveters
275. Hybrid Fingerprint Matcher
276. Hydro Electric Power Generator
277. Hydrogen Energy In India
278. Hydrogen In Non Conventional Source Of Energy
279. Hyper Trading Tech
280. IBOC Technology For Digital Radio
281. Image Analysis Using Mathematic Morphology
282. Image Compression Using Haar WT
283. Image Enhancement Of Alien Topography
284. Image Processing
285. Image Retrieval Using Segmentation
286. Image Sensors CCD Vs CMOS
287. Imagine
288. I-Mode
289. Implementation Of Zoom FFT in Ultrasonic Blood Flow Analysis
290. Improvement In Energy Efficiency
291. IMTS
292. Induction Heating
293. Induction Motors
294. Industrial Automation Using Internet Technologie
295. Industrial Robot
296. Inferring Body Pose Without Tracking Body Parts
297. Infinite Dimensional Vector Space
298. Infrared Remote Control Tester
299. Infrared Remote Switch
300. Integer Fast Fourier Transform
301. Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
302. Integrated Voice and Data
303. Intelligent Building
304. Intelligent Clothing
305. Intelligent Tutoring System
306. Interfacing Of Multimedia Services With Mobile Service Platform
307. Interlock Designs For Sub - Station Operation
308. Internet Over Cable TV
309. Internet Protocol Television
310. Internet Relay Chat
311. Introduction to the Internet Protocols
312. Intrusion Detection Systems
313. Investigation Of Dynamic Braking Of Electric
314. Iontophoresis
315. Iridium
316. Iris
317. Iris Recognition Technology
318. Islanding In Power System
319. It Enabled Services-The Next-Generation Service Edge Routers
320. Itanum Processer
321. Java (Swing And Awt)
322. Java Ring
323. Java Servlets
324. JDBC
325. JDBC Api
326. Jiro Technology
327. Josephson Junction
328. Knowledge Based System For
329. Landmine Detection Using Impulse Ground Penetrating Radar
330. Mimo Technology Future Wireless
331. MIMO Wireless Channels
332. Minimum Weight Design Of FRT
333. Mobile Communication
334. Mobile Communication Evolution Of g
335. Modeling And Analysis Of Coustom Power System
336. Modern Irrigation System Towards Fuzzy
337. Modern Trends In Embedded Systems
338. Moletronics- an invisible technology
339. Mould Case Circuit Breaker
340. Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
341. Multi Channel Call Bell
342. Multilayered Satellite Network
343. Multimedia Communication
344. Multivariable Automotive Internal Combustion Engine
345. Musical Greeting Card
346. M-Voting
347. Nano Technology
348. Nano technology Is About Rearranging Atoms Whichever Way We W
349. Narrow Band & Broad Band ISDN
350. Natural Language Processing
351. Net Cache Technology-Final
352. Network Address Translation (Nat)
353. Network Attach Storage
354. Neural Network Error Accommodation With Fuzzy Logic
355. Neural Network For Location Prediction In Mobile Network
356. Neural Networks
357. Neutral To Ground Voltage
358. New Internet Reconfigurable Logic
359. New Trends In Energy Metering
360. Night Vision
361. Night Vision Technology
362. Non Linear Editing
363. NRAM
364. Object Oriented Concepts
365. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion System
366. OFDM
367. OFDM For Mobile Communication
368. OFDM For Wireless Multimedia Communication
369. On - Line Stator Temperature Monitor
370. Op-Amp As Regenerative
371. Optic Fibre Cable
372. Optic Sensing Measurement
373. Optical Soliton Pulses For Ultra Fast Optics
374. Optical Burst Switching
375. Optical Camouflage
376. Optical Character Recognition Using Bitmap Technique
377. Optical Coherence Tomography
378. Optical Computer
379. Optical Fiber Communication
380. Optical Instrument Transformer For Current & Voltage
381. Optical Mouse
382. Optical Networking and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
383. Optimisation Of Humidification System In Spinning Mills “Textile
384. Opto-Electronic System For Fiber Optics & Applications-Electronics
385. Organic Display
386. Organic Light
387. Organic Light Emitting Diode
388. Organic Light Emitting Diode
389. Organic Transformer
390. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
391. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing -The Future Technology
392. Ouantum Computer
393. Ovonic Unified Memory
394. Passive Millimeter-Wave
395. Path Following Robot Using Microcontroller
396. Pep Technology
397. Performance Analysis Of Single Phase
398. Performance Of Up
399. Personal Access System
400. Pervasive Computing
401. Phenome-Nerve
402. Photovoltaic
404. Laser D Scanner
405. Laser Communication Systems
406. Laser Communications
407. Laser Cross Link Systems
408. Latest Advancements In Electrical Drives
409. Led Wireless
410. LEP
411. LEP - A Revolutionary Display Technology
412. LEP Technology
413. Lift Evaluations System
414. Lift Mechanism & Its Control
415. Light Pollution
416. Lip Reading
417. Liquid Emulsion Membrane- Applications & Perspectives-Chemical
418. Living Machines Application Of Ga To Study Evolutionary Aspects Of Social Systems
419. Local Area Network
420. Low Memory Color Image Zero Tree Coding
421. Low Voltage Differential Signal
422. Low-Complexity Reorder Buffer Architecture
423. Magnetic Amplifier
424. Magnetic Levitation Vehicle
425. Manufacturing & Tesing
426. Map Constructing Robot
427. Mc-Cdma
428. Measurement Uncertainty Of Dsp-Based Instruments By Rfv
429. Mechatronics
430. MEMS
431. Micro Computer Based Laboratory
432. Micro Electronics
433. Microcantilever Based Diagnostic Chip For Multiple Analytes
434. Microcellular Foam Technology
435. Micro-Electronics
436. Microelectronics Recent Trends
437. Micromachining Processes & Application
438. Microsoft Dot Net
439. Microwaves
440. Military Radars
441. Millennium Pacemaker
442. Millipede
443. Picture And Video Compression Standards
444. Piezoelectricity
445. Plasma Antennas
446. Plasma Display
447. Plasma TVTechnology
448. PLC & SCADA
449. Polytropics
450. Positional Protection of Transmission Line
451. Postgres Database System
452. Power former
453. Power Quality
454. Power Quality & Distribution Reliability
455. Power Supply Design And Distribution
456. Power Transducers Using Effect of Temperature on Solid State Devices
457. Power Transmission System
458. Production Of Electricity And Superconductor Through Carbon
459. Production Of Electricity And Superconductor Through Carbon Nanotubes
460. Production Of Hydrogen Using Solar Energy
461. Protection Of Transmission Line
462. Protein Memories For Computers
463. Psychoacoustics
464. Pulse Width Modulation
465. PVFS
466. Quantum Dot Lasers
467. Quantum Teleportation With Bell State Measurement
468. Radar
469. Radar System
470. Radar Technology
471. Radio Frequency Identification
472. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
473. RAID
474. RD RAM
475. Real Time Energy Management
476. Real Time System Interface
477. Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance
478. Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) In Embedded System
479. Recent Advancement In Electrical Drives
480. Recent Development In Medical Instrumentation
481. Recent Developments
482. Recent Trends In Electricity Prices
483. Recent Trends In Power System
484. Recorders
485. Respirocytes
486. Selection Criteria Of Three Phase Induction Motor For Traction Application
487. Sezs World-Class Hubs For Exporters
488. Signature Verification Using Ann
489. Signficane Of Envisaged Aspects & Applianes
490. Simulation Of Transformer Protection Based Transient Detection
491. Single Phasing
492. Single Trace To Dual Trace Converter
493. Sixth Sense Tutoring System
494. Slip Power Recovery System-Scada
495. Smart Cameras in Embedded Systems
496. Smart Card
497. Smart Dust
498. Smart Fabrics
499. Smart IP
500. Smart Quill
501. Smart Smart Sensor
502. SMPS Based Battery Charger
503. Software-Defined Radio
504. Solar Energy And Its Applications
505. Solar Cell Interfacing With Ac Grid
506. Solar Energy & Its Applications
507. Solar Energy- A Boon To Humanity
508. Solar Energy And Its Application
509. Solar Energy For Agriculture Industries And Household Considering Spv Pumps
510. Solar Photovoltaic- Power Generation
511. Solar Power Satellites
512. Solid State Lighting
513. Solution Of Differential Equations In Matlab
514. Space Time Adaptive Processing
515. Speech Compression - a novel method
516. Speech Recognition
517. Speed Control Of Permanent Magnet Brushless Dc Motor Using Dsp
518. Spiking Neurons (Stanns) In Speech Recognition
519. Spin Valve Transistor
520. Spins - Security Protocols For Sensor Networks
521. Spintronic
522. Statements & Expression In Verilog
523. Stator Temperature Monitor
524. Stealth Fighter
525. Stereoscopic Imaging
526. Stream Processor
527. Students Improved Performance Using Fuzzy Logic
528. Supermarket Management
529. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
530. Surround Sound System
531. Switched Reluctance Drives
532. Symbian OS
533. Sympathetic Haptics - The Sensational Touch
534. Synchronous Optical Network
535. Synchronous Optical Networking
536. System On Chip Design
537. Technology Behind Optical Switching
538. Telematics
539. Testing Of Power Transformer
540. The Amida Simputer Bridging The Cultural Divide
541. The Microwave Wave guide Filter
542. Theory Of Inventive Problem Solving
543. Thermosyphon For Power Transformer
544. Time Division Multiple Access
545. To Minimise The Energy Consumption In Industries
546. Tools For Energy Conservation
547. Touch Screen Technology
548. Towards A Light Addressable
549. Train Lighting System
550. Train Locomotative
551. Transistor Curve Tracer
552. Treating Cardiac Disease With Catheter-Based Tissue Heating
553. Tunable Lasers
554. Tunable Lasers For Mulichannerl Fibre Optics
555. Twisted Bamboo Rotor For Savonius
556. Types Of Echo
557. Ultra Bright White Led Based Solar Street Lamp
558. Ultra Wide Band Technology
559. Ultrasonic Distance Meter
560. Ultra-Wideband
561. Unconventional Energy Sources
562. Under Frequency Load Shedding
563. Under Ground Cable Fault
564. Under Water Sound System
565. Underground Cable Fault
566. Unified Messaging
567. Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
568. Use Of Solar Energy For Power Generation
569. User Space Device Drivers “ Introduction And Implementation Using VGAlib Library
570. Using Internet Technologies
571. Utility Fog
573. Variable Frequency Transformer
574. Variable Structure System
575. Various Protection Schemes On Im By Using Microcontroller
576. Very Large Scale Integration
577. Very Large Virtual Environments
578. Vhdl Implementation Of Security In Digital Data
579. Video Card
580. Vidio Segmentation
581. RF Smart Sensor Technology
582. RFID Techology And Its Application In Vehicle Location
583. RFID Using Intelligence Strip
584. Roagam (Improved)
585. Robot Control System Using Ultrasonic Measurements
586. Robotic Telesurgery
587. Robotics
588. Role Of Engg For Poverty Alloviation
589. Role Of Facts & Hvdc In Integrating Independent Power
590. Role Of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide In Textile Dyeing Processing -Textile
591. San
592. Satelite Communication
593. Satellite Radio TV System
594. Scada- Recent Trends
595. Scada Scheme
596. SCADA
597. Scope For Development Of Geoghermal In India
598. Security Features Of Linux
599. Selecting Transformer For Hydro Power Plants
600. Virtual Reality
601. VLSI
602. VLSI Computations
603. Voice Recording And Playback Using Apr Chip
604. VOIP
605. VSAT
606. WAP
607. Water Tree (Fault In Cable Insulation)
608. Wavelength Division Multiplexing
609. Wearable Computer
610. Web Automation For Integration Of Power System Application
611. What Is Microsoft Net
612. What Is San
613. White LED
614. Why A Firewall (New)
615. Wi Fi
616. Wi Fi - The Future Internet Access
617. Wimax Expanding Wireless Broadband
618. Wind Energy Systems - Convert Moving Air To Electricity
619. Wireless Application Protocol
620. Wireless ECG
621. Wireless Intelligent Network
622. Wireless Internet
623. Wireless Mobile
624. Wireless Networking
625. Wireless Transmission Of Energy
626. Wizardy, Infidelity, Fervor And Import Of Wi-Fi
627. Worldwide Inter operatibility for Microwave Access
628. XLPE Cable
630. a nano fuzzy controller for mobile robots
631. A Virtual Real Robot Model for Laser Processing
632. A Web Application for Solving Quadratic Assignment Problems
633. An Introduction to the Digital Light Processing (DLP„¢) Technology
634. Analysis of DNA by Optical Techniques
635. ANN - based harmonic restraint defferential protection of power transformer
636. application of DC motor work as stepper motor industiral contorol
637. Aspects of Brain Mapping
638. Automation of DRIP irrigation with remote
639. Biomedical instrumentation
640. Biometric-based Security Techniques for Internet-based Commerce Applications
641. Biometrics ()
642. biometrics for IRIS recognition
643. Bionic eye
644. Bipolar Current Source
645. From Fireflies to Organic Light-emitting devices
646. Fuzzy logic
647. Generating Petri net Models for Basic Java Programs
648. Graphic Interface Design for Simulation Software
649. Hybrid finger print matcher
650. IDDQ Testing for CMOS VLSI
651. Identification of LPTV systems using wavelet transform
652. Image processing
653. Implementation of a channel filter for a g utra - TDD system
654. Implementation of a Drug Delivery Control System
655. Industrial networking
656. Information security trend analysis
657. inrush current in transformers causes measurement and analysis
658. Intelligent Lift Monitoring System
659. Investigation of Dynamic Braking of Electric Vehicles Powered by Induction Motor
660. Investigation of ESD Issues During Stressing of MOSFET Devices
661. Investigation of Internet Security Protocols
662. Investigation of Silicon Carbide Based Hall Sensor
663. Investigations on a Novel Microwave Transmission Line using MATLAB
664. Locating and Tracking a Weather Balloon using vision
665. Location Based Services for mobile devices
666. Low Power Asynchronous Circuit Design
667. Low Power, Low Distortion Digital Class D Amplifier Design
668. Low-Power, High-Speed CMOS VLSI Design
669. MAP (Multi application Architecture for Personalization)
670. Mechanical and Electronic Design of an Indoor Mobile Robot Platform
671. Mechatronics and its application
672. Micro electro-mechanical systems
673. Microcontroller based system for intelligent telephony
674. Millennium pacemaker
675. Mobile Commerce Applications Development
676. Mobile Commerce Database Development
677. Mobile Commerce Server Development
678. Mobile Robot Navigation Using Dynamic Fuzzy Q-Learning
679. Mobile Robot Navigation Using Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning
680. Modeling and Simulation of Fast -D DCT Architecture
681. Molecular Electronic Behavior in Metal-Containing DNA
682. Multicast routing algorithm for LEO satellite IP network
684. Multilayered satellite network
685. Myt h b u s t i n g - Jus tt heFac t son P lasma TV Per f o rmance
686. Nanograss
687. Nano-structures Fabricated by Vapor Phase Transportation
688. Networks and Connections in the Counting Room
689. Neural - Fuzzy Trainable Dynamic Model Free System
690. Neural network for automation
691. Neural networks for location prediction in mobile networks
692. Noise Analysis for Optical Fiber Communication Systems
693. Online Optics Lab
695. Oxide humidity sensors
696. CCTV “ Implementation
697. Coded Modulation Techniques for Direct-Detection
698. Cholesterol level controlling by using bio- molecule at nanoscale
699. Comparison of TDMA and CDMA Air Interfaces for Cellular Systems
700. Comparison on the Breakdown Voltage Testing of High Power Semiconductor Devices
701. Computer-aided Design of Microwave Amplifiers Based on Real Frequency Data
702. control of electric machine by using sliding modes
703. Cyber War
704. Design and analysis of PWM”
705. Design of A Dipole Antenna by Using Computer Simulations
706. Design of a Minimum Instruction Set Microcontroller for Evolvable Fuzzy Hardware
707. Design of Adaptive Recursive Filters with Guaranteed Stability
708. Design of LAN-based IP Phone System
709. Design of XPRS
710. designing automation for MEMS
711. Development of an Integrated Multi-band Antenna for GSM and GPS Applications
712. Development of an Intelligent System for Classifying Mammographic Masses
713. Dielectric Behavior of Porous Silicon with Interface Contribution
714. Digital Audio Watermarking of MP and WAV Formats
715. Digital display technology for future
716. Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology
717. Digital Light Processing for High Brightness & High resolution
718. Digital Micromirror Device
719. Digital Video Watermarking of MPEG Data
720. digital watermarking of satellite images
721. dual standard mobile handset for new gathering
722. E “ Nose
723. Early Cancer Detection
724. effect of flood
725. effect of electrostatic discharge on human body model
726. Effects of Non-Axial Cross-Flow
727. Efficient Computation of Network Reliability
728. E-Learning System Development
729. Electric Fuel
730. embedded structural health monitoring in aerospace application
731. end to end electro-optical modeling software
732. ethanol and fuel cell converging path of opportunity
733. Evaluation of High-power Endurance in Optical Fiber Links
734. Face recognition based access control system
735. Fiber-Optic Telecommunication and the Economic Benefits of
736. Fieldbus in process automation present scenario
737. Filter Design for PWM Inverters
738. Fingerprint recognition -----
739. Finite Element Studies in the Out-Of-Plane Failure Finite Element Studies in the Out-Of-Plane Failure
740. Fire wall and access control
741. PC based green house automation
742. PDA Anywhere
743. Lab view based instrumentation system for a wind solar hybrid power station
744. Personal access communication system
745. Plasma display technology
746. Plasma “ Facts and myths
747. PLC ; logic implementation and application to batch process
748. PLC based automatic neutralization of industrial effluent
749. Positron emission tomography
750. Power Line Communications
751. programming cryptographic protocols
752. Radio broadband access
753. recent studies on biomedical instrumental parameters in homoeophathic researches
754. Re-configurable Embedded Control System Design
755. Research activities on radio on fiber communication network in TAO
756. Reuseable EJB Software Components
757. Robust Digital Watermarking of Images
758. RTSP-based Video Streaming System
759. Security in a Web-Based Environment
760. Selecting Transformer for Hydro Power Plants
761. Simulation Study on MAC Protocols for Wireless Networks by simulation
762. Smart sensors
763. Smart sensors and controllers
764. Speech, Music, silence & gender detection
765. Structural Applications of Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete
766. Structural design for fire condition
767. Studies in alpha activity for intelligence correlation
768. Study of Multicarrier Modulation
769. Study of Spread Spectrum Communication Systems using MATLAB
770. Super-Lift DC- DC Converter
771. Survey of Automotive Radar Technologies
772. Synthesis of Hardware Efficient FIR Filter Coefficients
773. Techniques for Analyzing and Modeling Internet Traffic
774. Telemedicine Application
775. Terrain navigation for underwater vehicles
776. Tertiary storage devices
777. The Digital Display Technology of the Future
778. Tidal Energy
779. Towards new platform technology for sustained observation
780. Two electrode low supply voltage electrocardiogram signal amplifier
781. Video processing for DLP display system
782. Variable Frequency Transformer “ A New Alternative For
784. Virtual Pictionary for Visually Handicapped
785. Voice guided intelligent tele-controller switch
786. Web Based e-Commerce Shopping System
787. Why Things Fail - A Study of Network Reliability
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61. Night Vision Technology
please send full information on dis topic
Post: #3
see Night Vision Technology already posted
read this links
Post: #4
need blue eyes technology abstract nd full project.
pls send it
Post: #5
get the Blue Eyes seminar report here:
Post: #6
CS aerotherm decided to enter Bakery Sector with the objective of offering the state of the Art, Digital Baking Ovens for Bakeries in the Hospitality as well as the Bakery Industry
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Character Recognition By Nueral Network
Post: #8
for more on Character Recognition By Nueral Network, please go through the following thread.
Post: #9
please send the heliodisplay seminar report...[/size]

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