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generating electricity using rotating door in ppt

excellent job
Renewable energy is the energy that comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat that are naturally replenished. Wind energy, solar energy, biomass, biofuel and geothermal energy are the main types of renewable energy currently used. All forms of energy are expensive, but as time goes by, renewable energy generally becomes cheaper, while fossil fuels generally become more expensive. As it is renewable, it is therefore sustainable and will never run out. Renewable energy has a minimal impact on the environment. The revolving doors can be used to take advantage of the power generation from the wasted human effort applied to open the door. Since the human effort applied to the door is inexhaustible, then we can use the revolving door as a new form of renewable energy. The revolving doors that mark the prestige and glamor of the construction can be used efficiently for the generation of energy. It captures wasted human energy and makes it an adequate source of energy. Although it is not a large energy production, it is a step forward in the direction of renewable energy. This is also used to prevent global warming and the emission of harmful gases. At present, the most used renewable energy resources are solar and wind energy. It is economical, independent, easy to take advantage of and produce electricity. It can be used to charge batteries, LED and CFL bulbs. The concept used in this mechanism is similar to the turbine used in the hydroelectric dam or the wind turbine to generate electricity. In this mechanism we use the revolving door with three wings and the Techtronic system consisting of a gear mechanism and a motor generator to generate electricity. The prototype that we have produced produces 110 watts and the total production will depend on the frequency of people crossing the door. We can also optimize the power by varying various parameters such as the width of the door, the mass of the door and the transmission ratio. With the prototype, we have chosen a width of 2.5 feet and the gears are placed at a distance of IS cm from the point of support, ie central axis. Then the lever ratio obtained in this case is 1: 5. Therefore, the torque in the gear is 15 N-m, but due to the longer lever arm it becomes 3 N-m in the door. We have found that as the applied torque increases, the power produced by the engine also increases, but up to the nominal value of the engine, and by the same applied torque, the power produced can increase with increasing door width.

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