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How we look at the World Forever by Sixth Sense Technology

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Abstract :- In this time we have seen lots of technology devices which is mind blowing inventions for humans .As a
latest technology called six sense technology. six sense technology is a kind of device which do not need to carry any
heavy technology device such as camera , watch & computers etc. Here if we have to take picture of any beautiful
things or any things then we do not need a camera.If we want to talk to our friend from cell phone than we do not
need to cell phone, similarly if we want to see the time then we do not need to watch etc. the main reason is everything
we can do with our six sense technology. six sense technology is a new & interesting type of technology ,which is
easiest using for all type of people. This technology is all about interacting to the digital world in most efficient &
direct way. It is similar to Telepointer . six sense technology is a wearable gestural interface device ,whose researcher
was steve man in 1990 & his work to proceed by younger master mind researcher pranav mistry . six sense technology
uses mirror, camera, pocket projector, smart phone & color markers to sensing or any recognize any object or view.
Keywords : six sense technology, Hand gestures, pranav mistry, digital world
As we know that a human being using five sense there are eye, ear, nose, tongue, mind & body to perceive information
& perform actions. But today a new technology six sense technology helps perform this type of action easily. six sense
technology is interact the physical world around as with digital information. six sense technology tries to combine the
real & the digital world which today exist as two seperale but equally important entities. It uses simple devices such as
mirrors, projector, camera & etc. It works as the wearable devices that is hanged around the neck of a person & thus the
projection starts by the mean of micro projector attached to device. It is based on the concept of augmented reality & has
well implement the perception of it. six sense technology bridge the gap by bringing intangible digital information out
into the tangible word & allowing us to interaction with this information via natural based gestures. Through a six sense
technology we can get information on any thing from anywhere within a few minutes.

Sixth sense technology is a technology that can be used to take the real world object into digital world with a minimum
effort & a higher accuracy. six sense technology is a mini projector which is built with camera & a cell phone which act
as the computer & connect to the cloud ,here all the information stored on the web. This six sense technology can also
obey hand gestures in the infamous minority report. This is a magic each & everywhere we want, it’s a gateway between
digital & real world.
To the help of six sense technology we can access or manipulate the information using fingers. 1)If need to make a call
then we are extend our hand on front of the projector & number will appear for to click. 2) If need to know the time then
draw a circle on wrist & a watch will appear .3) If want to take a photo then just make a square with fingers &
highlighting what want to frame & the system will make the photo.[2 3]

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