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information security using steganography

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information security using steganography

We propose a new method for strengthening the security of information through a combination of signal processing, cryptography and steganography. Cryptography provides the security by concealing the contents and steganography provides security by concealing existence of information being communicated. Signal processing adds additional security by compressing and transforming the information. The proposed method, viz. Steganography Based Information Protection Method (SBIPM), consists of scanning, coding, encryption, reshaping, cover processing and embedding steps.
Scanning, coding, encryption steps make the information unintelligible so that one cannot extract plain message. Embedding make the message invisible so that one cannot detect it. Reshaping spreads the message so that embedded message can be detected from distorted steganos by authorized receivers. Cover processing makes detection of embedded message more difficult since the distortion is either due to noise addition or due to message embedding. Simulation and steganlysis results show the method provides high security and the information is safe from various attacks.
Now days, various modes of communication like LAN, WAN and INTERNET are widely used for communicating information from one place to another around the globe. Such communication networks are open which any one can access easily. They are regularly monitored and an intercepted. In steganography, a message is embedded in a cover media in an invisible manner so that one could not suspect about its existence.
In this paper we present a substitution based information protection method where we combine cryptographic, steganographic and signal processing concepts together for achieving security. The method is known as Steganography Based Information Protection method. In this method we substitute the information bit in randomly selected pixels at random places within LSB region.
Steganography is the art and science of communicating in a way which hides the existence of the secret message communication. It aims to hide information /covered writing. Information to be protected is hidden in another data known as cover or carrier. Data containing hidden message are called as Steganos or Stegos. Steganos look like cover data and it is difficult to differentiate between them. Steganography based communication over easily accessible platforms to prevent leakage of information.
According to modification in covers, the methods can be categorized as
• Substitution
• Transform domain
• Spread spectrum
• Statistical
• Distortion
• Cover generation
It is commonly used simple method in which we can put information bits in LSB sequentially at fixed place, randomly at fixed place or randomly at random places in cover pixels. The message to be protected passes through scanning, coding, encryption process to form an embedded message. In this method, there is a provision of increasing the robustness by spreading message bits randomly. This is done to detect the embedded message from distorted steganos
Many attacks on such steganographic systems are suggested. Some attacks that can be applied are given below:
i. Stego-Only Attack
ii. Message-Stego Attack
iii. Cover-Stego Attack
iv. Message-Cover-Stego Attack

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