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.ppt   LINUX OPERATING.ppt (Size: 1.05 MB / Downloads: 36)


Linux is a fast, stable, free open source, UNIX clone OS for PCs that was originally developed in 1991 by Linus Torvalds.
LINUX is distributed freely under a GNU General Public License as specified by the free software foundation making it available to anyone who wants to use it.
As an operating system Linux performs many of functions same as UNIX, Macintosh, Windows and Windows NT. The main difference about Linux operating system is that Linux is a free, including the network servers and GUI desktops.
Linux is a multi-user, multitasking system, means you can ask several task at the same time and no. of users work at same time.
Along with Linux’s operating system capabilities come powerful networking features, including support for internet, intranet, windows networking. Linux is distributed with fast, efficient and stable internet servers like web ,FTP,DNS servers.


The installation screens are structured differently acc to the distribution you are installing. we have to follow no. of steps during installation of system.
Firstly installer will ask you to set up and designate the Linux partitions you want to use on hard drive. Partition is of two types:
1. Root partition
2.swap partition

Root partition:

The Root partition is where the Linux system & applications files are installed. If you are sharing a large hard drive with systems, such as windows, you can install the Linux root partition anywhere on the hard drive.

Swap partition:

Expect for swap partition, when the settings up a Linux you must specify a mount point. A mountpoint is a directory where the files on that partition are connected to overall Linux file structures for your system. The mountpoint for your boot by a single slash /. The mountpoint for your boot partition is the path/boot. For a user’s, partition, it would be home.


Once yours partitions are prepared, you install a boot loader.
You can choose either LILO (Linux loader) or GRUB (Grand unified boot loader).
We use boot loader to start Linux from your hard drive.
You can also use it to start any other operating system.
You may have installed on your computer, like windows.
You have two choices either installed from MBR (Master boot record) or root Partition. These loaders will help you for either choosing Linux or other operating system ,during starting a system

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