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Micro controller based automated irrigation system
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We live in a world where everything can be controlled and operated automatically, but there are still a few important sectors in our country where automation has not been adopted or not been put to a full-fledged use, perhaps because of several reasons one such reason is cost. One such field is that of Electric current. Power has been one of the primary source of man.. Electric power is an important part of the industrial and IT sectors in our country. This power line fault detection and correction system monitors and controls the single phase AC power. This Automatic correction and detection system is process to control of industrial machinery and processes, thereby replacing human operators.AC power transmission is the transmission of electric power by alternating current. Usually transmission lines use three phase AC current or Single phase AC current
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.doc  Micro controller based automated irrigation system(3 phase).doc (Size: 35.5 KB / Downloads: 1382)

Micro controller based automated irrigation system

The continuous increasing demand of the food requires the rapid improvement in food production technology. In a country like India, where the economy is mainly based on agriculture and the climatic conditions are isotropic, still we are not able to make full use of agricultural resources. The main reason is the lack of rains & scarcity of land reservoir water. The continuous extraction of water from earth is reducing the water level due to which lot of land is coming slowly in the zones of un-irrigated land. Another very important reason of this is due to unplanned use of water due to which a significant amount of water goes waste. In the modern drip irrigation systems, the most significant advantage is that water is supplied near the root zone of the plants drip by drip due to which a large quantity of water is saved. At the present era, the farmers have been using irrigation technique in India through the manual control in which the farmers irrigate the land at the regular intervals. This process sometimes consumes more water or sometimes the water reaches late due to which the crops get dried. Water deficiency can be detrimental to plants before visible wilting occurs. Slowed growth rate, lighter weight fruit follows slight water deficiency. This problem can be perfectly rectified if we use automatic microcontroller based drip irrigation system in which the irrigation will take place only when there will be intense requirement of water.
Irrigation system uses valves to turn irrigation ON and OFF. These valves may be easily automated by using controllers and solenoids. Automating farm or nursery irrigation allows farmers to apply the right amount of water at the right time, regardless of the availability of labor to turn valves on and off. In addition, farmers using automation equipment are able to reduce runoff from over watering saturated soils, avoid irrigating at the wrong time of day, which will improve crop performance by ensuring adequate water and nutrients when needed. Automatic Drip Irrigation is a valuable tool for accurate soil moisture control in highly specialized greenhouse vegetable production and it is a simple, precise method for irrigation. It also helps in time saving, removal of human error in adjusting available soil moisture levels and to maximize their net profits.

Block Diagram:

Here we have designed a module using a microcontroller and GSM.once the three phase power comes module will send an SMS to authenticated users. If the farmer wants to switch on the motor he just needs to give a ring to the particular modem no which is implemented near the motor.microcontroller checks wheather the call is coming from authenticated person,if it matches it will start the motor. If the password doesnâ„¢t match means some other person is calling then no action will be every stage it will send the status to the farmer(authenticated user).i.e, wheather the motor is on or off by the ring.If the motor is on by ring and the farmer needs to switch off he just needs to call back to the same no.the complete operation can be handled by sending SMS also,i.e by sending ON motor gets on,and by sending OFF motor gets OFF. As the farmers donâ„¢t have sufficient knowledge for sending SMS we implemented calling future here.
We have one more future called auto switch. If this switch is in ON STATE the motor gets on instantly the three phase power comes.i.e there is no need of calling or sending the SMS. Once the motor is on the module send sms like motor is on by auto switch.if the farmer wants to switch off he just needs to call back to the particular GSM no which we have implemented in module.

The main advantage of this module is the farmer can remotely switch on or off motor by using his mobile phone.he can be anywhere in the world.
Saves time. No more spending long hours watering with a hose. You won't have to worry about remembering to move the hose every 20 minutes either. Your new systems will do all the remembering for you.
Saves water. An automatic irrigation system can save you literally thousands of gallons of water a year simply by remembering to turn itself off at the right time.
Protects your financial investment. Your home's appearance is an important factor in determining its market value. An attractively landscaped exterior, with lush growth and healthy plants, helps your house project that fresh, well-maintained look.
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images of automated irrigation system using microcontroller and gsm
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this page here has details and circuit diagrams about this project:

just check out
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can u send me details about the same..
irrigation automation
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you can copy the material given above and also the report. ou can also collect information from the links given above.
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give me the details of this projects on


Post: #8
please eleborate on this topic
Post: #9
im planin to do a garden irrigation system for my project.
please tell me if anyone knows how to do this without a motor ( as it is feasible ) , by only controllin pipe valves

im wndrin if such sort of automatic valves asre available
Post: #10
hello friend,

The project is really nice.I want to implement it in my farm & give

surprise to my dad,that how automation will reduce his efforts & increase profit.

In this same project is it possible to

add program "to give START & STOP command from mobile via SMS to "STARTER" of 3-Phase Motor which pumps the water from


if I use PIC controller instead of 8051,then will it help to to further add-ons into same project?
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hello friend,

The project is really nice.I want to implement it in my farm & give surprise to my dad,that how automation will reduce his efforts & increase profit.

In this same project is it possible to add program "to give START & STOP command from mobile via SMS to "STARTER" of 3-Phase Motor which pumps the water from wel?"

if I use PIC controller instead of 8051,then will it help to to further add-ons into same project?
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plz give me details of all the circuits and apperatus for this project on my mail id: vinavpatel[at]
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The circuit diagram and assembly code is available for download in this page:
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I wanted to know if I could do the same project without using a GSM modem and if yes can u provide me with all the details of the project such as:
1. Sensor to be used
2. Concerned block diagram.
3.circuit diagram.
4.Components needed.
please send me the details as soon as possible on my id: korad.ankita[at]
I would be very much thankful towards you.
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dear ieee community,
may anyone send the circuit of microcontroller based irrigation system to my email? i do want to comeup with this project and i want to be doing the right thing.. looking forward for your reply.

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