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Microprocessor 8085 based mini project for mechanical applications

I am a BE student from Mechanical Department and i wish to do a mini project using microprocessor 8085 for mechanical applications. So please help me and suggest me. Thank you.
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.pdf   36778885-Microprocessor-and-Its-Application-See-340.pdf (Size: 86.86 KB / Downloads: 383)

1.Define microcomputer.
A system designed using microprocessor as its CPU is called a microcomputer.
2. What is the function of microprocessor in a system?
The microprocessor is the master in the system, which controls all the activity of
the system. It issues address and control signals and fe3tches the instruction and data
from memory.then it executes the instruction to take appropriate action.
3.List the applications of microcomputer.
Personal computing, calculators, small business system,control applications and
instrumentation systems.
4.What do you meant by 8-bit and 16-bit processor. Mention some systems in each type.
The processors are classified into 8-bit and 16-bit depending on the basic data size
handled by the ALU of the processor.
8-bit microprocessors: 8085,Z80, Motorola 6800
16-bitmicroprocessors: 8086,Z8000, MC68000
5.What is ALE?
The ALE (address latch enable) is a signal used to demultiplex the address and
data lines, using an external latch. It is used to enable the external latch.
6.Explain the function of IO/M in 8085?
The IO/M is used to differentiate memory access and I/O access.For IN and OUT
instruction it is high.For memory reference instructions it is low.
7.What is a flag?
Flag is a flip-flop used to store the information about the status of the processor
and the status of the instruction executed most recently. There are five flags in 8085.They
are sign flag, zero flag, auxiliary carry flag, parity flag and carry flag.
8. What are the hardware interrupts of 8085?give its priority.
The hardware interrupts in 8-85 are TRAP, RST 7.5,RST 6.5 and RST 5.5.The
TRAP has the highest priority, followed by RST 7.5,RST 6.5, RST 5.5 and INTR.

mini projects in 8o85 micro processor based mini project

tl:dr - I am finding everywhere. any other people? I need a 30-50mW military-grade mountable green laser w/pressure trigger, budget is around $1k Red Laser Pointer Any suggestions?Thanks guys for any help! I'm exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to weapons, but when it comes to lasers I figured I'd consult some experts.

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