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Pro-net Communication

Pro-net Communication
The main aim of this project is to accomplish the tasks of sending off-line messages and large amounts of data through attachments and also communicating with the user directly through chatting.
The different modules present in this project are:
In this module, we have accomplished the task of sending off-line messages and large amounts of data through attachments.
In this module direct information transfer, reduction of delay in transfer of data and Group chatting features are accomplished.
Intranet exploits the incredibly popular and low cost internet tools to gain strategic advantage over competitors, cut costs and improves operational effectiveness. An Intranet typically has 3 features lacking on the Internet.

Speed “ broad bandwidth
Security “ private internal network (LAN/WAN),protected from
Internet users by a firewall.
Control “ enterprise network management to ensure reliability.

The Intranet can be viewed as an information utility for the enterprise. It doesn™t matter whether we are using the Mac, Windows or a UNIX workstation “ we plug into the Intranet and find out what we need, from document to email to data to audio and video. Corporate and department information is accessed via the standards the Internet: e-mail (SMTP), WWW, File transfer (FTP) and other Internet services.

Intranets overcame many of the organizational and technology barriers that were created in the past. Web solutions overlay the department LAN systems, with their own security and domains, and make information available to every one in the corporation “ without changing the LAN security structures. That provides a huge benefit.

The current system will have two modules namely mailing and chatting modules.
One will come across the following forms during the implementation of this project:
Login frame
New user frame
Forgot password frame
Start frame
Mail list frame
Composing frame
Chat Room frame

Login Frame:
Once a user has created an id for himself, he can use it to login to the intranet whenever he wants to enter. The login frame will have following fields and checkboxes:
Use rid
Forgot Password checkbox
The user id and password previously created are to be submitted here. Unless the user forgets his password the forgot password check box need not be checked. If a person is new user then he goes to the new user frame through the new user button. If a person doesnâ„¢t want to enter he can just exit.
New User Frame:
Every one is the company or the institute has to create a specific user id on the first access. This frame will have the following attributes:
Date(Sys date)
User Id
Security Word
Confirm Password

All these fields are mandatory. Even if a single field is empty the user will be asked to refill the form. When the user completes the form with all the required details and submits, new user id will be created for him and he will be added to the user list. If there are any corrections to be made or if another user needs to create id then they can refresh the page.
The secret question and its answer are used when a user forgets his password and wants to retrieve it without creating a new user id.
Start Frame:
Once a user logins he will be added to the users list where all the connection members are included. Then he will come across this frame where he will be presented with the options
If the user chooses mail he will be connected to mail list where he can check his mails. If he chooses to chat he will be granted permissions to enter chat room.
If he doesnâ„¢t want to do either of these he can exit.
Mail List Frame:
The following links are seen in this frame:
When a user chooses to use mail, he will go to mail list frame where he can see his mails in inbox. If there are any new mails he can check them by choosing the subject and then clicking the View button. Once he checks it he can delete the message if he chooses to. There will be another option i.e., he can also compose and send mail to another user. When he clicks the compose link the user will be given access to compose page. If there are no new mails and the user doesnâ„¢t want to compose another mail he can exit.
Compose frame:
When the user wants to mail to another user he will go to this frame where he needs to fill the followings fields:
To Address

The subject, message and Attachment fields are not mandatory but the address of the sender and receiver are mandatory.
Chat Room Frame:
If the user chooses to chat in the start page he will access this page. All the users who are online are visible. All the users who are online receive the message that is sent by a user. When the user chooses to exit he can do so by clicking the Exit button.
Forgot Password Frame:
When the user forgets his password and checks the forgot password checkbox this frame will open. In this the answer for the Secret question he has chosen while registering will be asked for. If the answer is correct i.e., if it matches with the answer he has given during registration then he will be given his password. Otherwise he will give a message that his answer is incorrect and he needs to try again.
Hardware Requirements
Pentium processor
We have used Pentium-III processor at the server and Pentium-IV processor at the client. Both the Pentium versions resulted in high performance and hence the response time is in the order of microseconds.
Network Interface Card
Ram : 128 MB or higher Ram
Hard disk : 20 GB or more
CPU Speed : 1.2 GHZ or more

Software Specification:
Operating System : Win2000/XP
Programming Package : CORE JAVA.
can i have the project conclusion and the complete references list plzz its urgent for me...
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Please I need complete material for that topic.

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