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Relay Driver Circuit Report

Relay Driver Circuit

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NPN Relay Driver Circuit

Relays are components which allow a low-power circuit to switch a relatively high current on and off, or to control signals that must be electrically isolated from the controlling circuit itself. Newcomers to electronics sometimes want to use a relay for this type of application, but are unsure about the Details of doing so. Here is a quick rundown. To make a relay operate, you have to pass a suitable pull-in and holding current (DC) through its energizing coil. And generally relay coils are designed to operate from a particular supply voltage often 12V or 5V, in the case of many of the small relays used for electronics work. In each case the coil has a resistance which will draw the right pull-in and holding currents when it’s connected to that supply voltage. So the basic idea is to choose a relay with a coil designed to operate from the supply voltage you are using for your control circuit (and with contacts capable of switching the currents you want to control), and then provide a suitable relay driver circuit so that your low-power circuitry can control the current through the relays coil. Typically this will be somewhere between 25mA and 70mA. Often your relay driver can be very simple, using little more than an NPN or PNP transistor to control the coil current. All your low-power circuitry has to do is provide enough base current to turn the transistor on and off, as you can see from diagrams A and B. In A, NPN transistor Q1 (say a BC548 or BC338) is being used to control a relay (RLY1) with a 12V coil, operating from a +12V supply. Series base resistor R1 is used to set the base current for Q1, so that the transistor is driven into saturation (fully turned on) when the relay is to be energised.
A relay IC controller is an electromagnetic switch that will be used when you want to use a low voltage circuit to turn on and off a light bulb that is connected to a 220V power supply. The current required to run the relay coil is more than can be supplied by various integrated circuits such as Op-Amp, etc. The relays have unique properties and are replaced by solid state switches that are strong that the solid state devices . High current capacities, the ability to withstand ESD insulation and drive circuit are the unique properties of the relays. There are several ways to handle relays.

[Image: Relay-Driver-IC-300x209.jpg]

Some of the CI relay controllers are as follows.
• High-side switch switch
• Low side tilt switch driver
• Bipolar NPN transistor controller
• N-channel MOSFET controller and
• Darlington Transistor Controller
• ULN2003 Controller

Relay controller IC circuit

Relays are components that allow a low-power circuit to control the signals or to change the high current ON and OFF that must be electrically isolated from the control circuit.

Required Components

• Zener diode
• Relay 6-9V
• 9V battery or DC power supply
• Transistor 2N2222
• 1K ohm resistance
• Second input voltage source

[Image: Relay-Driver-IC-Circuit.jpg]

In order to drive the relay, the transistor is used and only less power can be used to obtain the driven relay. Since, the transistor is an amplifier so the low conductor receives enough current to make more current flow from the emitter of the transistor to the collector. If the base once obtains the power that is sufficient, then the transistor leads from the Emitter to the Collector and feeds the relay.

The emitter-collector channel of the transistor will open even though no input current or voltage is applied to the transistor base cable. Therefore, the current blockage flows through the relay coil.

The emitter-to-collector channel will open and allow current to flow through the relay coil if sufficient current or voltage is applied as input to the base wire. AC or DC can be used to power the relay and circuit. Delays are electromagnetic devices that allow low power circuits to switch a high current on and off devices with the help of an armature that is moved by an electromagnet.

The driver circuit is used to boost or amplify signals from micro-controllers to control power switches in semiconductor devices. Control circuits take functions that include isolating the control circuit and power circuit, detecting malfunctions, storing and reporting faults to the control system, acting as a precaution against faults, analyzing sensor signals and creating auxiliary voltages.

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