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research topics in computer science and engineering

1. Flow Aware Differential Delay Routing for next-generation Ethernet over SONET/SDH
2. Attack on a Higher-Order Masking of the AES Based on Homographic Functions
3. Multi Merge and Split Buffer Management Scheme for Video-on-Demand Systems
4. A Program Generator for Intel AES-NI Instructions
5. Towards Provable Security of the Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar Signature Scheme under Direct Attacks
6. The Improbable Differential Attack: Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round CLEFIA
7. Polynomial Multiplication over Binary Fields Using Charlier Polynomial Representation with Low Space Complexity
8. Speeding up Web Access using Weighted Association Rules
9. Versatile Pret a Voter: Handling Multiple Election Methods with a Unified Interface
10. Greedy Distinguishers and Nonrandomness Detectors
11. One Byte per Clock: A Novel RC4 Hardware
12. Cryptanalysis of Tav-128 Hash function
13. Video Placement and Disk Load Balancing Algorithm for VoD Proxy Server
14. An Universal Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Students' and Teachers' Performance in an Academic Institute
15. Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of AES-128
16. ECC2K-130 on NVIDIA GPUs
17. Weighted Intra-Transactional Rule Mining for Database Intrusion Detection
18. New Boomerang Attacks on ARIA
19. A New Approach For Anonymous Publication in P2P File Sharing Applications
20. Random Euclidean Addition Chain Generation and Its Apllication to Point Multiplication
21. CyclicRainbow - A Multivariate Signature Scheme with a Partially Cyclic Public Key
22. FlexiRank: An Algorithm Offering Flexibility and Accuracy for Ranking the Web Pages
23. Algebraic, AIDA/Cube and Side Channel Analysis of KATAN Family of Block Ciphers
24. Partial Key Exposure Attack on RSA -- Improvements for Limited Lattice Dimensions
25. Indifferentiability Beyond the Birthday Bound for the Xor of Two Public Random Permutations
26. Cryptanalysis of a Perturbated White-Box AES Implementation
27. Combined Security Analysis of the One- and Three-pass Unified Model Key Agreement Protocols
28. A System For Automatic Evaluation Of Programs For Correctness And Peroformance
29. A Security Auditing Framework for an Enterprise LAN
30. Design And Implementation Of An Automatic Program Evaluation System
31. The Characterization of Luby-Rackoff and Its Optimum Single-Key Variants
32. Near-Collisions for the Reduced Round Versions of Some Second Round SHA-3
33. Speeding Up The Wide-pipe: Secure and Fast Hashing
34. User Model to Design Adaptable Interfaces for Motor-Impaired Users
I want research topics in MANETS.Could you send them?
hello sir,

I am persuing in cse with specialization in information security.I need the research topics related to this field...Plz do help mail id is heenasingh23[at]
Please let me know more about the
An Universal Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Students' and Teachers' Performance in an Academic Institute
Research topics on Computer Science and Engineering

Data Mining, data analysis, large data, collection of predictive analytics topics
Solid State Drive (SSD)
Atom CCD Thick
ZSpace Virtual Reality to Desktop
Raspberry Pi Technology
Data Mining Techniques
Maximite Microcomputer
Ur Programming Language
OpenGL for Embedded Systems
Mirror Link (an interoperability standard)
FOG Informática / EDGE Informática
Chrominance, broadcasting technology
Car Auto Technology
Alpha Composting Technology
Chroma Key Composition (Magical Rose)
Chroma Key composition
I Love LED Display Technology
Android Technology by Raspberry Pi
Google Native Client
Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Technology
Communication with shared imperfect randomness
Sugar UX, Web-based CRM
DevOps, a method of software development
Cloud Computing
Android technology
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Shading Language (computer programs)
E Ink technology (electrophoretic ink)
Electronic Voting Technology (Electronic Voting)
Touch Screen Mobile Phone Technology
Zenoss Core Open Source Server
Using Analytics to optimize cloud computing performance and save costs
Open Source Cloud
MANET - Adhoc Mobile Network
Personal Assistant Natural Language
Environmental Intelligence
DocumentDB Technology
Expert systems of environmental safety
Office chart
Azure Service Bus (cloud-based messaging system)
Great data to avoid time-related flight delays
NCrypted Cloud
Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) (push android notifications) for Android
GNU Automake
Resistive RAM
Ceph Storage Platform for OpenStack Cloud
Openstack Cloud Foundry
Gladinet Cloud Desktop
Cloud Connect
Swizzling (computer graphics)
Shading language
Open Stack Cloud (Virtualization / Cloud Computing)
Docker (Application Virtualization Technology)
SystemD Process Manager (RedHat Linux RHEL 7)
XFS, X file system (RedHat Linux 7)
Performance Co-Pilot
OpenShift (The Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud Application Platform)
Azure Service Bus (Windows-based messaging system) (read more about Azure)
Two-factor authentication
Open Source Cloud (more information about Open Source)
Analysis of large data for health
High performance computing

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