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seminar report on osi model

seminar reort on osi model abot 30 pages

.pptx   OSI MODEL.pptx (Size: 144.18 KB / Downloads: 60)

Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) is a set of internationally recognized, non-proprietary standards for networking and for operating system involved in networking functions.



It distinguishes very clearly between the services,interfaces and protocols.
This model supports connection oriented as well as connectionless services.


Sessions & presentation layer are not of much use.

The OSI Model

.ppt   OSI.ppt (Size: 1.44 MB / Downloads: 133)

An ISO (International standard Organization) that covers all aspects of network communications is the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model.
An open system is a model that allows any two different systems to communicate regardless of their underlying architecture (hardware or software).
The OSI model is not a protocol; it is model for understanding and designing a network architecture that is flexible, robust and interoperable.

Peer-to-Peer Process

Within a single machine, each layer calls upon services of the layer just below it.
Layer 3, for example, uses the services provided by layer 2 and provides services for layer 4.
Between machines, layer x on one machine communicates with layer x on another machine, by using a protocol (this is Peer-to-Peer Process).
Communication between machines is therefore a peer-to-peer process using protocols appropriate to a given layer.

Physical layer

The physical layer is concerned with the following:
Physical characteristics of interfaces and media: The physical layer defines the characteristics of the interface between devices and the transmission media, including its type.
Representation of the bits: the physical layer data consist of a stream of bits without any interpretation. To be transmitted, bits must be encoded into signals –electrical or optical-. The physical layer defines the type of encoding.
Data rate: The physical layer defines the transmission rate, the number of bits sent each second.

Functions of the transport layer

Flow control: the transport layer performs a flow control end to end. The data link layer performs flow control across a single link.

Error control: the transport layer performs error control end to end. The data link layer performs control across a single link.

To get full information or details of osi model please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on osi model please reply in that page and ask specific fields in osi model

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