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sunfeast infotech fraud company

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please find out information about sunfeast infotech company originally set up in Chennai & now they have opened up a branch in Dubai.
They are asking to invest 500 dirhams per project as initial investment.
A person can take maximum of 10 projects.
Upon completion of project within 25 days, you get paid 250 dirhams.

I just want to know whether this company is genuine or fraud as investing such money is difficult if the company is fraud.

Thank you,
Your's sincerely,
This Company is running successfully for more than 15 Years in India, Chennai. Till date there were no such issues regarding the same.
What kind of fraud have you faced from the company can you detail me about it Ms. Tanaz?
This Company is running successfully for more than 15 Years in India. Till date there were no such issues regarding the same.
What kind of fraud have you faced from the company can you detail me about it Ms. Tanaz?
Dear All,

I have found positive information about Sunfeast Infotech in Chennai, now open in Dubai, & it is a genuine company with genuine people.

I apologise if my statement about the company has caused any offence.

Thank You,
Your's sincerely,
sir i just want to ask if it is legal to work as part time in sunfeast?
Ms Tanaz,
Like you, I had also visited Sunfeast Infotech, but was unsure if it was genuine.
Are you working with its dubai branch? How did you discover its genuinity?
Please advise, I would also like to work for the company.
If this is genuine company than I just wonder why there is no details regarding there contact details other than few email address, even which company don't reply to. There should be some address and phone numbers locally here in Dubai.
Anyone having any details than please let me know.
I would like to know where is there office location and what are there Phone Number or any other details you can share with me. As i recently came to know they have shifted there office here in Dubai.
I would like to get reply from you, as i belive .. both of us can earn if it is genuine or can suffer if it is scam !! Atleast you will not regret either outcome as atleast u will have someone else with you too Wink !!
HI, Every body im still going with that company.i can put the details here.NO.406.OFFICE COURT BUILDING, OPP.TO OUDH METHA METRO STATION.CONTACT NO..04-3885156&04-3885157. DUBAI.


Dear Tanaz,
Are you working part time with sunfeast? can u give me an idea how does it work? thanks!

Its a scam! The same person replying to his own inquiry lol!
Company running for 15 years in Chennai but website only started a few months ago?
You didnt even give a link to prove your statement
www. jobconsultancy fraudalert.php
A data entry job that will ask for money? Thats exactly how a scams being described.
Mr. Tanaz

I am working with them since July up to now all there deals are fare and genuine..
Dear Tanaz,

Could you please give your contact details.. Coz i too wana take the projects from Sunfeast. I am in dubai

Just a thought, I went there last night and inquired about their online typing jobs offer. To my surprise, I was told that I should pay 500 AED per project to be submitted every 25th of the month and then you get paid 250 AED per project. Huh?!! I mean, I gave them 500 and I get back 250 at the end of the month. That is still my money right? then I lose my other 250 AED. So its like I pay them to give me the job and every month they just give me half of what I gave them. Every time you get a project you will have to give them 500 AED. So like if you get 10 projects you pay them 5000 of which you will get 2500 after finishing a project. yes you will be able to get the 5000 back when you have decided not to work for them anymore, but still, the salary you will be getting every month working for them is coming from your own pocket. That is your 5000, right?! the person who put up this business is very clever.
What is the contact number for Sunfeast infotech - Chennai

Ms. Tanaz - Can you please breif us how did you investigate about Sunfeast infotech in Chennai. Also if possible please provide us with a contact number in Chennai
Can you provide the proof you have found here as I also need to know..

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