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tempest and echelon working video

The notion of espionage is a very sensitive issue after the terrorist attack of September 11 in New York. In the 1984 novel, George Orwell predicted a future in which individuals did not expect privacy because the state monopolized the technology of espionage.

Now, the US National Security Agency UU He developed a secret project to spy on people to continue to track their messages and make technology allow interception to discover terrorist activities around the world, called Echelon. Leaving technology ahead of any traditional method of interception.

The secret project Developed by the NSA (National Security Agency of the United States) and its allies is tracking each transmission, including a single one of the keyboard. The United States allies in this project are the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Echelon is developed with the highest computing power of computers connected through satellites around the world. In this project, the NSA left behind the wonderful method of Tempest and Carnivores.

Echelon is the technology to track messages sent through a network or any means of transmission, even if they are wireless messages. Tempest is the technology to intercept electromagnetic waves in the air. It simply smells through the electromagnetic waves propagated from any device, even from the monitor of a computer screen. Tempest can capture signals through the walls of computer screens and press the keyboard keys even if the computer is not connected to a network. Therefore, the traditional way of hacking has a small advantage in espionage.

For ordinary people it is so hard to believe that their monitor can be played from anywhere in a range of one kilometer without any means of transmission between the computer and your computer. So, we have to believe that technology allowed us to reproduce anything from a computer monitor to hard drives, including the memory (RAM) of a distant computer without any physical or visual contact. It is done with the electromagnetic waves propagated from that device.

The main theory behind the storm (Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emission Standard) is that any electronic or electrical device emits electromagnetic radiation from a specific key when operated. For example, the image tube on the computer monitor emits radiation when it is scanned horizontally vertically beyond the screen. It will not cause any harm to a human being and it is very small. But it has a specific frequency range. You can reproduce those electromagnetic waves by tracing with powerful equipment and powerful filtering methods to correct errors during transmission from the computer. Actually, these electromagnetic waves are not necessary for a human being because they do not come from a transmitter, but we have a receiver to track the waves.

For the project called Echelon, the NSA is using supercomputers to sniff out packets and send messages as electromagnetic waves. They use the advantage of distributed computing for this. In the first place, they will intercept the messages through technology called Tempest and also with Carnivore. Each package is snorted by espionage for the NSA of the United States for security reasons.

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