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Topic of Research : Employee Satisfaction

Topic of Research : Employee Satisfaction

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Executive Summery

People are the most important and valuable resource every organization has in the form of its employees. People enter into organization with certain characteristics but so many times certain factor like poor management, poor working condition, nature of job, location of firm influence their behavior at work place. The reason for my interest in satisfaction studies because it is a key drive to corporate success if controllable. The cost of dissatisfaction to business, usually expressed in terms of lost productivity. So, we can say balance satisfaction is one of the important areas that directly contribute to wards productivity & efficient running of an organization. This study also helps to discover the causes of absenteeism which ultimately helps the organization in achieving their goal quickly so it is an indicator to the organization.
As i started working on the “ Employee Satisfaction”, it appears me quite simple but after going depth I understand its significance. For this problem I prepared myself to face manpower of manufacturing unit. Its not an easy task to recognized that employees are replying same as they are feeling in organization. All the questions were prepared as employees didn‟t hesitate to give answer about their working place.

Industry overview

Originally used in ITALY, submersible wastewater pumps first were seen in the United States in the mid-1950
The submersible wastewater pump & Motors became popular in the early 1960‟s, when a guide-rail system was developed to lift the pump out of the pit for repair. This ended the dirty and sometimes dangerous task of sending people into the sewage or wet pit. Growth of the submersible for wastewater pumping since has been dramatic, as an increasing number of specifics and users learned of its advantages. Two classes of submersibles exist. The smaller units, commonly called sewage ejectors, are used in home and light commercial applications; they normally handle up to 2-inch spherical solids and range from 1.3hp to 2 hp.
The pump is efficient quite in operation, safe to install and performs long and reliably, the submersible wastewater pump is used primarily for wet-pit sewage lift stations and for industrial sump or process effluent applications. A common use for small pumps is to move effluent from tank to disposal in septic tank systems.

Background & Inception of the company

Falcon established in 28th October 1994 in the name of „Falcon Engineering‟. Now they are running name “Falcon Submersible pvt. Ltd.”
Today Falcon is one of the best in the Indian pump industry as far as the quality, design & performance in concerned. The main objective of our R&D department is to develop energy efficient technology and design so that so that they save huge quantity of valuable electrical energy of our nation.
V6 and newly launched V8 submersible pumps is the result of R&D effort. We take pride to say that we are the first to get 50 feet per stage in V6 submersible pump, and the efficiency of they product is more than IS: 8034 standards, which is the results of self involvement and deep interest in design and development in pump technology of Mr. Dhirajlal Suvagia for this achievement and he had received in 26th July 2004 new Delhi “UDYOG BHARATI AWARD” & also received “UDYOG RATTAN AWARD” of excellent in productivity, quality, innovation & management presented by Dr. Dhishma Narain Singh (Honorable former governor of Tamil nadu & assam) and also falcon submersible was accredited with ISO.

Vision of the company

To be the most cost effective manufacturer and distributors of submersibles on the west coast of India. Falcon will concentrate on the development of quality products for the agriculture & domestic applications. Falcon will promote in-house quality awareness through training programs and workshops.

Mission of the company

It is their endower to achieve and maintain excellence and leadership in whatever field they are in both with in India and internationally.
They shall achieve through maintaining product and services that match world class quality and standards.
Their national and international products are available at affordable prices.
They also ensure that our product have highest standards of performance as qualitative and qualitative level.
To achieve EOQ i.e. 100% export.

Quality policy

The beauty of product that delivers outstanding quality and great performance. The bowl impeller set is designed hydraulically to match with each other for the specific flow, head and load so as to achieve the maximum output. We have highly-qualified professionals who keep a tab on the manufacturing process and does not allow any discrepancies in the product. Each Falcon Pump set is passed through stringent inspection and testing before it reaches to the valued customer. Quality features maintained by company are as blow.

Competitors Information

There are so many companies in the present era, which are manufacturer of the submersible pumps. In today‟s globalize world the competition is each and every place. So it is must to make the perfect strategy against it so that the firm or the organization can get the top position.” Competition inspires the person to work harder and harder. The intensity of competition in an industry is neither a co incident nor a bad luck rather competition in an industry is rooted in its underlined economic structure and goes where beyond the behavior of current competitors. Competition provides the customers very good product with reliable price.


From the findings and analysis, almost all the points which are researched are discussed. To conclude, a short summary is to be given. This research emphasized on employee satisfaction at falcon pumps private limited. Total 50 samples were taken and all of them were requested to fill the questionnaire. From these questionnaires, details were analyzed to get the findings. These findings were represented in tabular as well as graphical form. From the individual conclusion was derived which is used for overall analysis. This analysis discussed more plus point about the organization and some drawbacks of the company, which shows the level of satisfaction among the employees. From this discussion and conclusion, suggestions were given under suggestions head.
Thus the report is concluded with this final analysis of the research. This research served the main purpose of education and also served as supplement survey for the falcon pumps private limited as this research was done for the employee satisfaction.
In terms of human resources, employee satisfaction means that employees are happy with their job and position. To be satisfied, they probably enjoy their work a lot, feel that management is fair and caring, and feel comfortable in their work environment - both with other employees and with the resources they have available to complete their jobs.

It is closely linked with employee turnover, as unhappy employees are more likely to seek positions elsewhere. It is costly to replace employees, so many HR departments have the goal of keeping employee satisfaction to a high level, so that turnover remains low.

Employee satisfaction can be measured in two ways: indirectly, by observing trends in employee turnover; and directly, by asking employees about their level of satisfaction through surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

In indirect measurement, management observes the trends of employees leaving the organization, and assumes that satisfaction levels are adequate when turnover levels are below or below industry standards. They can also explore to see specific departments or functions with above-average or above-average sales volume and apply direct measurement measures in those areas to determine the causes of increased separations.

Direct measurement methods involve asking employees about their level of satisfaction. For example, an anonymous survey could be mailed or emailed to all employees asking for their level of satisfaction with different aspects of their work. Interviews and focus groups can also be conducted, where employees are interviewed in person.

Surveys and interviews can be conducted by company staff or external consultants can be brought in so that employees feel more free to share their opinions, knowing that the information will remain anonymous when presented to management.
Questions may include:
• Are they satisfied with their specific jobs and tasks?
• Do you feel that you have the support and resources you need to do your best job?
• Does the address provide the appropriate address?
• Do you think compensation, benefits and working conditions are adequate?
• Are you considering leaving the company?

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