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uses and abuses of science in hindi

Free sample essay on Abuses of Science. Science is a great boon to mankind. At the same time it is a big curse also. It is as destructive as constructive. It has given state-of-the-art weapons and warheads in the hands of mankind which cause mass killing and destruction at a far-off place merely at the trigger of a button. Science has produced hydrogen bomb, nuclear bombs, fighting aircraft, nuclear submarine, missiles, laser bombs, etc. These things of warheads are highly destructive. They can wipe this planet of the existence of mankind.

In addition, scientific inventions and technological advancements have led to the emission of great pollution—air, noise and water. Pollution is a threat to mankind. Global warming is a big challenge to humanity. All these are attributed to the science.

For most of our works, we depend on machine. Machines have lessened our labour. One machine can even work for thousands of persons. It has contributed to the unemployment, which is a burning problem in modern society. It is increasing at a very fast rate. The invention of computer and internet has reduced the time and space. It has made the world smaller but it has also brought unemployment. Internet has contributed to the decline of creativity in human beings. Human beings for their every work depend on computers. Even for smaller calculations or information he seeks the help of computer. We have forgotten manual labour which could keep us physically fit. We do not like to walk on foot for a small distance. We depend on automobiles even to go for a short distance. Thus physical activities have been reduced to minimum leading to spread of life-style diseases like diabetes, heart trouble, obesity, tension, depression, etc. These diseases are fast emerging as big health problems in modern society.

Pollution is a big challenge of modern society. It is said to be started with industrialization. Our industries emit big amount of toxic gases. These gases pollute our environment. The air we take in is polluted. Large number of vehicles adds to the great problem of pollution. The waste materials produced by industries are thrown in rivers and other water sources leading to their pollution. Water pollution poses problem for aquatic life as well as human beings. The fast decline in aquatic species is the result of water pollution.

Science has invented dreaded weapons. The weapons are highly disastrous. They have changed the nature of war. They have made war very dangerous and destructive. Science has also produced gas warfare, bacteriological warfare, and atomic weapons. If these weapons are put to use, they would spell disaster for the entire mankind. The nuclear power plants pose a very serious danger to environment. The leakage in nuclear plant in Chernobyl in Russia spread harmful radiation not only in the country but in neighboring countries also. It led to the death of many animals and humans there. The 1984 gas tragedy of Bhopal claimed thousands of lives. A large number of people were disabled due to the leakage of poisonous gas in a factory.

Thus, science which was very advantageous in the initial age of scientific inventions and discoveries later turned out to be equally disastrous for mankind. It appears that the day is not far when the entire humanity would have to suffer a lot due to the evils of science. The need of the hour is that man should be very rational in the use of scientific inventions and technological advancements. The key to safety and security lies in the hands of man.
Science, also known as Science Magazine, is the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and one of the world's leading academic journals. It was first published in 1880, is currently distributed weekly and has a print subscriber base of around 130,000. Because institutional subscriptions and online access serve a wider audience, their estimated readers are 570,400 people.

Uses of science:

We use countless science gifts every day.
• Science has modernized our homes. Pressure cooker, gas ovens, washing machine, fridge have changed the look of our kitchen.
• Trains, buses, planes, cars and bicycles have made our trip faster and more comfortable.
• Radio, television (TV) increases our knowledge and pleasure.
• Telephones, mobile phones are important communication devices.
• Electric light, fan, air conditioning, cooler, etc. make our life comfortable
• Science has given us medicines that save lives and medical facilities.
• Science has taught us to use the gifts of nature.

Abuses of science:

Man uses science for the ruin of his fellows as well.
• Industrial and vehicular pollution is one of the main harmful effects of the abusive use of science.
• Man has used science to make lethal weapons.
• Two Great World Wars killed a large number of people and destroyed large cities.
• Nuclear bombs can take entire cities out of service. The nuclear bomb, the explosives, the hydrogen bomb, the poisonous gas, the missiles, the chemical warfare, etc. they are extremely destructive applications of science.
• Man has become excessively dependent on scientific equipment and devices.
• Children and adults waste immense time and energy watching television and surfing the Internet.

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