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.pptx   1WI-MAX TECHNOLOGY.pptx (Size: 837.43 KB / Downloads: 36)

Types Of Networks.

Wired Networks.
Use wires to communicate.
LAN , MAN etc
Wireless Networks.
Use radiowaves,microwaves to communicate.
Wi-Fi hotspots, WLAN, Wi-MAX.

Current Internet Scenario

The main problems with broadband access are that it is pretty expensive and it doesn't reach all areas.
The main problem with Wi-Fi access is that hot spots are very small, so coverage is sparse.
There is a need for a system which provides high speed of Broadband and is wireless instead of wired.

What is Wi-MAX ?

Short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, and it also goes by the IEEE name 802.16.
Solution for Wireless Metropolitan Area Network .
New technology that proposes to solve problems of broadband access and Wi-Fi access.
New Wi-MAX technology would provide:
The high speed of broadband service
Wireless rather than wired access:
Road coverage like the cell phone network instead of tiny little hotspots of Wi-Fi


Heavy rains can disrupt service.
Other electronic equipment in the vicinity can interfere with Wi-MAX and reduce data throughput rate.
Line of Sight required for long distance.
Scarcity of suitable airwaves =
licensed airwave frequencies are allocated by the Govt. (limited availability.
Unlicensed airwaves are free but all can use them—difficult to control service quality as other users of the same band could cause interference.


Wi-MAX is poised to be the next Big Thing.
Wi-MAX will connect you to the internet at faster speeds and from much longer ranges.
Mobility can be achieved with design into computer chips.
Wi-MAX can handle last-mile access in remote areas.
WiMAX is one of the most popular wireless broadband technologies today. WiMAX systems are expected to deliver broadband access services to residential and business customers in a cost-effective manner.

WiMax is a standardized wireless Ethernet version primarily as an alternative to cable technologies (such as cable modems, DSL and T1 / E1 links) to provide broadband access to the customer's premises.

More strictly, WiMAX is an industry trade organization comprised of leading communications companies, components and equipment to promote and certify the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless access equipment that complies with the IEEE 802.16 and ETSI HIPERMAN standards.

WiMAX would work similar to WiFi, but at higher speeds at greater distances and for a larger number of users. WiMAX has the ability to provide service even in areas that are hard to reach for the wired infrastructure and the ability to overcome the physical limitations of traditional wired infrastructure.

WiMAX was formed in April 2001, anticipating the release of the original IEEE 802.16 specifications of 10-66 GHz. WiMAX is at 802.16 as the WiFi Alliance is at 802.11.

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