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Wireless Power Transmission ppt1

Wireless Power Transmission

.ppt   Wireless Power Transmission.ppt (Size: 4.71 MB / Downloads: 112)

Solar Power from Satellites

1968’s idea for Solar Power Satellites proposed by Peter Glaser
Would use microwaves to transmit power to Earth from Solar Powered Satellites
Idea gained momentum during the Oil Crises of 1970’s, but after prices stabilized idea was dropped
US Department of Energy research program 1978-1981


Issues identified during the DOE study
Complexity—30 years to complete
Size—6.5 miles long by 3.3 miles wide
Transmitting antenna ½ mile in diameter(1 km)


Frequency 2.45 GHz microwave beam
Retro directive beam control capability
Power level is well below international safety standard

Phased-array antenna

The λs for microwaves are small  dipoles small
Beam focusing: phased-array antenna
Electronically steered by varying the timing or phase
Waves will merge together

Diffraction analogy

Light same properties
Laser beam shinning trough a narrow opening & spreads out or diffracts
Bright spot in the center w/fainter spots on the side
Wireless power transfer (WPT) wireless power transmission, or electromagnetic energy transfer is the transmission of electric power without cables. Wireless energy transmission technologies use variable electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields over time. Wireless transmission is useful for powering electrical devices where interconnection cables are inconvenient, dangerous or not possible.

Wireless energy techniques are mainly divided into two categories, non-radiative and radiative. In near-field or nonradiative field techniques, power is transferred by magnetic fields by inductive coupling between wire coils or by electric fields by capacitive coupling between metal electrodes. Inductive coupling is the most widely used wireless technology; its applications include the charging of portable devices such as electric telephones and toothbrushes, RFID tags and chargers for implantable medical devices such as artificial pacemakers or electric vehicles.

In far-field or radioactive techniques, also called power radiation, energy is transferred by beams of electromagnetic radiation, such as microwaves or laser beams. These techniques can transport longer distances of energy but must be directed at the receiver. The proposed applications for this type are the solar satellites and the wireless remote control airplanes. An important issue associated with all wireless energy systems is to limit the exposure of people and other living things to potentially harmful electromagnetic fields.

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