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Full Version: blink detection for paralysis patients
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i am doing project on blink detection for paralysis patients.
so i need its complete report
Paralysis is defined as the complete loss of muscle function in any part of the body. It occurs when there is a problem with the passage of messages between the muscles and the brain. Some paralyzed people can not move even a single part of the body apart from their eyes. Therefore, the main objective of this work is to design an interactive system in real time that can help the paralyzed to control devices such as lights, fans, etc. Or by playing back pre-recorded audio messages through a predefined number of flashes. Imaging techniques have been implemented to detect eye blinks. In our system, face tracking is achieved using a trained Haar cascade classifier set, and a template matching technique is used to track the eye. Initially, the involuntary flickers of the paralyzed person are used to locate the patient's eyes by finding the number of components connected in a frame. Once the eyes are detected, an online template is created that is used to track the patient's eye.