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Full Version: Still Un-Heard Of
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“Astounding was the word used for this phenomenal man,
Library Science, information and many things were well know and had stupendous plans,
His lifelong goals were bright like a sun and wanted to make others’ life plan,
He always taught student and said that ‘you can’,
He was a person anybody could be reliable on and he was a miraculous,
His name is S.R.Ranganathan.”

“His name said half of his meaning,
His first name ‘Shiyali’ means Shiite what a terrific man he was,
His last name meant the greatest Lord Vishnu as he prayed him,
He was a man with spirit and everyone admired him,
His name is S.R.Ranganathan.”

“His sole librarianship is remarkable,
He learnt them from the Encyclopedia Britannica’s article,
He read them a couple of days before his interview.”

“He learnt things like a chant,
Mangalore, Madras and Coimbatore were the places he did his lifelong wish- teaching,
He was a person to be certified with even Padmashiri award,
He gave grievous and valuable contributions to Library Science and was pleasured,
This victorious man is known as S.R.Ranganathan.”
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