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Full Version: english daily conversation tips
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1) Khud ko Sudhar Lo
" Mend Your Ways "
2) kaap Sitting
3) Keep Smiling
4) have Patience
5) Keep the fire Going
6) Blow Your Nose
7) Make best use of your time
8) How time Flies
9) Better Days will Come
10) May I leave !!!!
11) May I switch on the light ?
12) May I switch off the light ?
13) May I Smoke ?
14) Will You Please Give me a lift ?
15) Do Your Work
16) Mind Your Head
17) Do not beat around the bush
18) Give up bad Habits
19) Look after Your Guest
20) Mind Your own Business
21) We are not Visiting terms
22) His Fever is Down
23) I want to make a call
24) This Point was not Touched