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Full Version: graphic design tutorial
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Many questions about the designs and solutions. Graphic how to design? How to learn? Where to learn? Etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
About the same time, especially from 0 to 10 people per week that Facebook messages, or better quality designs will learn how to better design? Others question how to design the graphic photo? What will be the approved design? Many of them want to flames, a training centre, where the tutorial of good quality graphic design? I do not like to answer such a question. Many people come to me to request these things write I sat in the dock. For a long time I write about a subject without having to worry about time, mind etc. The situation became. So today I was sitting.
Designed to learn where to go or learn from?
- Many of the designs for the various training centres was admitted to a flame. Our training centres are the only Photoshop, use the basic tools for flames. Use the tools in Photoshop designer can not be knowing. Training centres that teach you better than Google or YouTube can learn from. From there, you will not get from the training centre. Internet is the biggest school, just like you can use. Soluble in the early stages, you can follow my tutorial Basic Photoshop Tutorial youtube "
How to design good quality
- For the first time to design good quality and plenty of confidence must be patient. You must not lose patience, and never mind the one thing that will rotate, and that I will be able to design better, the best ideas will come from me, of course. From all of my creativity
This thought would work through the rest of your imagination. And whenever you see when you get peace of mind from imagination new ideas coming out one by one. (It is not unrealistic, if you do not believe me try more)
Second-design is entirely in colour above. Responsible for any colour with a pattern matching, ones with a little knowledge about what the design will appear. To the Study of colour uncle to Google if you search through the many articles will color management. If you read a little patience you will see that the design you have a lot of impediment.
plenty of good design to follow. If you get a well-designed ,,, biggest helpful and you can see in the http://www.graphicriver.net or http://www.dribbble.com. Designed like an exact copy of the one in the first place than that. Thus, the design is copied from 0 to 50 designs (do not try to copy the design portfolio). This copy is designed to be shared by the group can take mistakes. However, shares in the group when copying designs, designs that have seen the exact design of its link to share Tao.
Then, when you are in a variety of tools, etc., then you are able to dominate the Perfect use design as seen from 0 to 50 to design yourself a try. It will take a little uncomfortable at first uncomfortable, do not want to be out of ideas. But when you have a few designs will be complete. Then quietly automatically will be out of your mind to new creativity. I still see the design before the design at least 0. So why do not you.?
How shall graphic design approved?
- At the present time, the most important graphic element marketplace. If approved to carry out your designs, to the top of the first to rigorously observe. Then your eyes from the eyes of the designer to become a . Designed for criticism after another show. The design is the best design group to share or to show the man after a girl. However, she is your sister, your wife. Because girls are much more advanced than boys. They design a feedback of work. Feedback to edit the same way again.
Quality graphic design after design with other design quality (colour, shape, Typography), etc. Please review the ins and outs. His design is not never fall in love. Remember, if you are addicted to your design after design, then never be able to design better quality. Unique design is always nice to try to Create or never designed to copy and paste upload
Many down slightly from free file upload to change. Do not never happen. Or maybe you have approved the design, but if someone does, but if the report would be leaked can remove even . Free File is a copy of a let down designed to meet the various web sites will not be uploaded. In a nutshell, do not upload never designed to copy and paste.
Overall try to develop his talent.
Designed by the artist to be in charge of what?
- No, brother, do not need to be well designed in order to better artists. Your confidence, willpower right to build a better quality as designer.
For more information about any of these questions today designs on Facebook, I'll try to answer according to my massage will .