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Name: Matta Vasudev
Qualification: B.tech
Course Aspiring: M.S in comp. Science
Iam about to express my career that I hope, will help me recognize the full potential of my innate talents and be stimulating and challenging but before I embark I must equip myself with the necessary skills and attain this,study will be crucial tool in the kit and not a fancy beatification.
Everyone is a pioneer but only few realize it.iam one of the who has pertinently realized the need for having innovative perspective and vision on the imminent creations of science that would affect our living in more than one way.
“in short people see hints and ask why, but I see and thinks why not”. This has been my casing of mind since infancy. i have always asked questions and been inquisitive of everything around me.i have never dismissed a thought however elentary it may be and this is how I approach life, positive and promising.
The Genesis:
Born of parents, who are a part of vast middle class laypeople of the Indian subcontinent, I grew with the strong impression of two human beings who worked up the ladder of life’s success with plain honest hard work all though my early school life, my parents conditioned me to face the future with they could impact me by example an excellent education and strong character born of a disciplined decent life style.
Quest for Knowledge:
It all began when I first had a hand on experience by dismantling some home appliances, the television, toys etc. this urge and inquisitiveness were boosted when I got to know at school the fundamental ethics that produced those material beings.at my school they provide me with all aspects of character formation (discipline,behavior,faith,responsibility etc). to become a complete individual my school laid the foundation for a number of skills(public speaking,writing etc.)that I know in a distinguished state.i had several opportunities to reveal my attributes,which I utilized by way of enunciation,painting,acting,demonstrating,ecperimenting theories,group activities,sports etc.i believed that my schooling was the basic chapter in the book of my life.
The Shaping Character:
The most important and dominant part of my educational life was my undergraduate studies at “Holy Mary Group Of Educational Society”. Having a incredible growth and by providing a great infra structure, HITS has provided me the best chance of becoming a complete professional. I opted for “Computer Science Engineering” as my major field of study. I have leaned and gained knowledge about many things starting with software and the 21st century technical advancement.
Why Graduate Study:
The frontiers of software technology are expnding very rapidly with time.this undergraduate programs of mine did gave me a experience for different interesting subjects that leads to compose a gamut of computer science and engineering but never the contentment of savoring any one of them.Hence my decision is to continue with graduate studies.
I strongly believe that graduate study is not just extension of undergraduate work but a unique learning experience through hich one evolves from a student to a researcher. I also believe that graduate education will provide both technical knowledge experience and expertise needed to deal with rapidly expanding technology and help me to contribute my mite to develop new technologies.thus I inteneded to pursue graduate studies.
My field of Interest:
The curriculum of undergraduate program in computer in computer science and engineering with its broad studies and rigorous treatment of the fundamentals has created much interest in many fields like principle of programming language, Computer Network Security, Web Technologies,Software Engineering.
Why in United States and in your esteemed university:
One main reason that I want to continue my education in your country is that I want to learn,distinguish and experiment my knowledge where technology originated and flourished in all proportions with greater influence on the culture and everyday living of human beings.there in your country ,technology transcends across the society in the activities of technological advancement.The educational system that you have in your country has had a great influence on me and I made it sure that I should part of that real and meaningfull process of significant , learning and experiencing the real time knowledge.
Iam sure that your estemmed university is part of this overall amalgamation of real time knowledge in technology and society,evolving a new world of human enthusiasm to create ,develop,and to continue the quest for limitless knowledge. I personally visited your institute’s homepage ,had myself exposed to the courses and faculties you offer.
The Goal:
Standing on the porch if my under graduation ,I realize that graduation from right university in that the right country with a vast library of knowledge holds the key to the fulfillment of my goal so not just be an engineer who enricheslife with his knowledge ,but one who can use his knowledge and intelligence to enrich the subject that has become his life.
All these I have opened to emphasize my position as an able,prospective and diligent student and I assure you,that the opportunity I will live up to your best expectations and justify the confidence & and the response in me.