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Full Version: Study Visa in USA Or Scholarship and Travel issue-- Need Help
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How ca I get Student Visa or Scholarship in USA. Student Insurance and Travel Help
Step 1: Attend a counseling session
Attend a counseling session at your nearest branch to find out your options related to the study destination, courses available, and recommended institutions.
Step 2: Register with oceanic
Register with Oceanic to start the admission and visa process. We can help you navigate through the various processes and make study abroad easier. Remember, all our services are free!
Step 3: Apply for admission
Once you have decided what and where you want to study, we will help you complete the application to the institutions of your choice. At the time of the application for admission you will be required to submit several documents, including proof of previous academic qualifications and in most cases proof of your English language proficiency. We will also provide you with a checklist of documents to be provided at the time of your visa interview (step 9).
By submitting your application through us you will be able to track the progress of your application as we send you automatic notifications of your progress. We also take the hard work of tracking applications by keeping in touch with the institution on your behalf.
Step 4: The Institute publishes the i-20
Once a US education provider accepts you as one of your students, you will issue a "Student Acceptance Confirmation" known as i-20. An i-20 is required for an F-1 or M-1 student visa.
In addition to applying for the visa, the i-20 form is required to enter the United States for the first time, to re-enter the United States after a brief visit outside the United States and for the entry of dependents (spouse , children).
Step 5: Pay sevis fee online
SEVIS is the Visitor Information System for Students and Exchanges. The cost of SEVIS I-901 is required for all students of F and M, as well as for exchange visitors of J. To pay the fee, go to: https://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee/
Step 6: Payment of the visa fee
The next step is to pay the visa application fee. This fee must be paid at the approved HDFC bank.
In addition to the visa application fee, you will also have to pay for the VFS service.
Step 7: Complete the ds 160 for online
The visa application form, known as DS 160, must be completed online. To complete the form you will need to have completed all steps up to this point. After successfully completing the online form, you will receive an application identification number and password, and you will be able to access the confirmation page of the DS-160.
Step 8: Book a visa interview
The next step is to make an appointment for your visa interview at the United States Embassy. Appointments are booked online.
Once your appointment has been reserved, you will be able to see your appointment letter. Be sure to take an impression of this as you will need to carry this with you when you attend your interview.
Step 9: Conduct an interview with the embassy
On the date of your appointment you will need to bring your entire visa case with you to the interview. Oceanic Consultants will prepare the record for you with the documents you have provided throughout the various steps of the process.
It is also important that you prepare for your visa interview. Make sure you are clear about the reasons you have chosen to study in the United States and why you have chosen the course and the institution for which you have been granted an i-20.
Step 10: Visa outcome
On the day of your interview, you will be informed about the visa decision. In case the visa is refused, your passport will be delivered directly by the visa officer. For approved visas the passport will be returned to our office, with the seal of the visa, approximately one week after your interview. We will notify you as soon as you arrive so that you can come and pick it up. This also means that you can also start planning your travel and accommodation for the US!
Step 11: Travel Services
At Oceanic Consultants we can help you organize your travel arrangements to begin your new student life in the United States. Air ticketing, insurance and foreign exchange can be arranged through us to make it easier to study abroad!