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Full Version: design of industrial chimney
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Design codes for industrial R / C chimneys such as CICIND or DIN 1056 are based on dynamic linear analysis with uncracked cross sections. However, under extreme load conditions, non-linear effects may be important, particularly when approaching the ultimate limit state. This fact, of course, directly affects the dynamic amplification of the response, which is generally expressed by the so-called burst response factor (GRF). Naturally, the quantification of this factor depends on the respective structural model being used. In addition, it is also affected taking into account the tensile strength of the concrete. In other words, the use of more realistic structural models is of great importance, especially when approaching the ultimate limit state.

Industrial Chimney Design by Flow Engineering

We are specialized in the preliminary design of an industrial chimney. We have great experience and familiarity with various design codes such as EURO, ASMI and CICIND. Due to this experience, we can quickly provide our customers with a preliminary design of an industrial chimney. We also design piles, flares, or other slender structures. We need different types of data to design an industrial fireplace:
• Environmental factors
• Location
• Height
• Diameter at the base and at the top
• Platforms
• Access ladders