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Importance of Sports

The importance of sports in the life of a young student is invaluable and goes much further than the basic answer that "it keeps kids off the streets.”
It does in fact keep kids off the streets, but it also instills lessons that are essential in the life of a student athlete.
Sports play a pivotal role in the makeup of a young athlete, especially in the middle school to high school years where student athletes are much more mature and mentally developed.

Importance to Discipline

It is the ability to capture the admiration and the trust of the athletes.
This is crucial because if you can capture a person's admiration and trust you can motivate them to perform at a higher level not only in sports, but also in their own lives.
If you can get the athletes to believe in you and your philosophies you can begin to see significant changes in grades and behavior.
It all starts with coaches that have a plan and methodology behind the principles they are teaching.
As I said earlier, there is a great responsibility on the coaches to help young student athletes make a smooth transition into society.

Importance of sports

This is very important because student athletes need to know they are appreciated and there is no greater way than for the community, booster club, and commissioners/treasurers to show that appreciation than to get involved in youth athletics.
In order to accomplish this it's going to take investment and the most valuable investments are money and time.
The more invested, the better the results. I can attest that there is no greater investment than the future of our young student athletes.
When these things are in place, I believe student athletes will benefit and the results will be evident not only on the field, but long after they step off of it.

Physical Development

In our school we have got physical education lessons twice a week.
Boys and girls play volley –ball and basketball at the lessons. There is a sports ground near our school and we go in for sports in the open air.
A lot of different competitions are held at school; a great number of pupils take part in them.
All these events play an important role in our physical development.

Importance for physical fitness

Recently it has been discovered that many pupils between the ages of twelve and sixteen and even over are not strong enough to do physical exercises.
They can’t run for long distances and many of them can’t swim.
Young people, who join the army, are often not fit enough and they can’t serve in the army and fulfill their duty.
So by plying sport u can fit for any situation

Importance for student

regular participation in sports provides a healthy channel for diversion of energies.
Wherever students and other youth participate in sports regularly, misdirection of youthful vigour is much less.
The tendency to indulge in indiscipline and mischief is curbed.

Importance in industrial development

Some observers have contended that there is a close link between sports and a country's industrial development and the general progress of society.
That is why it is contended, most of the gold medals at the Olympics are bagged by advanced countries such as the U.S.A., Russia and Germany, and Britain.
Of the eastern countries, China and Japan plunder most of the gold and silver medals


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