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Page name : Fuzzy set theory , Posted by: seminar surveyer fuzzy set theory tutorial, theory, Fuzzy, fuzzy set theory its application,


Many decision-making and problem-solving tasks are too complex to be understood quantitatively, however, people succeed by using knowledge that is imprecise rather than precise. Fuzzy set theory, originally introduced by Lotfi Zadeh in the 1960's, re..................

Page name : How Computer Virus works , Posted by: projectsofme computer virus april 1 2009, computer virus facebook, computer virus for april 1 2009, computer virus attack,
How Computer Virus works

Types of Infection

Program runs on real program
Email Viruses:
Program spread via email messages
Trojan Horses:

Page name : internet small compuer system interface , Posted by: thims small computer interface system, small computer amplifier, small computer image, small computer itx,
pls send me full about iscsi seminar topic...................

Page name : human computer 2020 , Posted by: sujata human computer errors, human computer art, human computer differences, human computer animation,
i wanna bout the topic human computer 2020 in full details with technical details as well...plz send me pdf s if any..suggest some more topics based on copmuter science...


Page name : Computer Memory Based on the Protein Bacteriorhodopsin , Posted by: Aarti88 computer memory facts, computer memory and speed, computer memory advertisement, computer memory advances,
please could you provide me some information regarding this topic...i would be very greatful 2 u:)..................

Page name : Head Tracking Driven Virtual Computer Mouse , Posted by: seminarsonly Virtual, virtual computer carries, virtual computer building, Driven,
Head Tracking Driven Virtual Computer Mouse


Recent new applications in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Computer Vision (CV) bring a great opportunity to the improvement of human life. The future desired Perceptual User Interfaces (PUI) and human inter-face ..................

Page name : Computer Memory based on the Protein , Posted by: computer science crazy computer memory gateway, computer memory ad, computer memory apple, computer memory guide,
The ability of molecules to serve as computer switches has been a major area of scientific research since the middle of the last century. Molecular switches, if these become a reality, will offer appreciable reduction in hardware size, since these are themselves very small. One can then imagine of b..................

Page name : Computer Memory Based on the Protein Bacterio-rhodopsin , Posted by: computer science crazy computer memory glossary, computer memory going bad, computer memory guide, computer memory analyzer,
Since the dawn of time, man has tried to record important events and techniques for everyday life. At first, it was sufficient to paint on the family cave wall how one hunted. Then came the people who invented spoken languages and the need arose to record what one was saying without hear..................

Page name : human computer interfacing , Posted by: devdendra types of computer, computer tricks, computer games, computer themes,
please send me an overview about human & computer interfacing.
I un my early days of comp engg, please help me to get the knowledge aout this interesting field...................

Page name : DNA computer , Posted by: vindujabt07 dino dna computer game, dna computer dupont wa, dna computer associates, dna computer case,
Iam vinduja,doing my in biotechnology and biochemical engineering.
I want to present a seminar on the topic DNA computer. i request you to send me the details on the topic. I need a detailed report on the Adleman experiment, scope of DNA computer, its advantages and disadvantages, further..................

Page name : DNA Computer Full Seminar Report Download , Posted by: computer science crazy dna computer error, dna computer group, dna computer chips, DNA Computer,
Silicon microprocessors have been the heart of computing world for more than forty years. Computer chip manufacturers are furiously racing to make the next microprocessor that will topple speed records. Sooner or later the physical speed and miniaturization limit of..................

Page name : Computer Aided Field Of Vision , Posted by: Computer Science Clay computer engineering jobs, computer cookies, computer chess, Vision,
Bio-Medical Instrumenation Field of Vision is the term used for the measurement of vision or for the test used to measure exact vision. A person s uncorrected vision refers to the visual acuity without glasse or contactlenses.

The eye s optical system is very complex. For best vision, l..................

Page name : The Architecture of a Moletronics Computer , Posted by: computer science crazy computer basics, computer armoire, computer backpack, computer architecture,
Some novel designs for several such simple molecular electronic digital logic circuits: a complete set of three fundamental logic gates: (AND, OR, and XOR gates), plus and adder function built up from the gates via the well-known combinational logic, was demonstrated. This means in coming future, th..................

Page name : what are the projects related to Computer Architecture Multicore Architectures , Posted by: Mablaze computer bus, computer benchmark, computer addiction, computer cases,
Hi everyone ,

Friends I need your ideas about the above mentioned topics for my 8th sem project .

the topics are :
Computer Architecture, Multicore Architectures, Web Caching, Caching for Streaming Media Objects in Fixed and Mobile Networks, Web Mining.


Page name : REDUCED EMISSIONS OF OXIDES OF NITROGEN IN SHIP ENGINES FULL REPORT , Posted by: project report tiger reduced emissions from degradation and deforestation, reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation redd, reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation redd, redd reduced emissions,



Oxides of nitrogen emission from ship engines are significant on a global level. These emissions participate in the formation of photochemical smog and acid rain. Here we look at to some ways b..................

Page name : Reduced Instruction Set Computer RISC processor , Posted by: project report helper reduced instruction set computer definition, reduced instruction set computer ppt, difference of reduced instruction set computer and complex instruction set computer, reduced instruction set computer and complex instruction set computer,

Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) processor


This project is aimed at designing of a Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) processor using the Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL). For a long time, programming languages ..................

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